9 Ways to Get Endorsed on YouTube and Instagram for Beginners

Nowadays, becoming an influencer has become the dream of many people. Unlike in the past, if we wanted to be a celebrity we had to audition, now anyone can become an artist or celebrity. All it takes is hard work.

In the past, people who wanted to be celebrities on the internet, the thing to do was blog because there was someone who exposed their life.

Now the era of photo and video content has come. It’s time for people to switch from blogging platforms to Instagram and YouTube.

But the money made from YouTube advertising is often not worth the content creation effort put in.

Therefore, one must find an endorser who is willing to endorse as a side income outside of YouTube advertising.

Unlike Instagram, you don’t even get anything by uploading content there.

The only money that can be made from Instagram is selling products or promoting other people’s products as endorsers.

As a beginner, the main problem faced is that there are no endorsers even though there are already many followers and the content is interesting.

9 Ways to Get Endorsed on YouTube and Instagram for Beginners


though the two things above are not enough, there are several other factors that should not be forgotten. Here are some of them:

1. Determine the market niche first

The best way to start becoming an influencer is to determine a niche or niche market to work in. This will attract people who are interested in your nice making it easier to grow the account.

There is a nice variety to choose from, for example food, tourism, health, religion, design, clothing and so on.


endorser will see who the followers are, if it is in accordance with the target market then he will want to endorse.

On the other hand, those who don’t have nice will tend to find it difficult to get followers because the content is not specific and the endorser will not look at influencers like this. Unless you have a very big name.

style="text-align: left;">2. Get to know your followers or viewers

Knowing your audience is critical to convincing endorsers to work with you. It’s also mutually beneficial for you. If you understand your audience, you can know exactly who might be interested in sponsoring you.

Start by gathering the basics e.g. what gender, how old are they, and where is their demographic geographic location?

Which of your posts did they like the most? What time do they respond to the most content.

This information will help you work with endorsers and convince them. endorsers want to know who they can reach if they sponsor you.

Explain the data you collected above and make sure that the returns will be very profitable.

An influencer who provides detailed follower data such as age, demographics, occupation, gender, interests and others will be more convincing and interesting than if you say “My followers are women”.

style="text-align: left;">3. Post consistently

There are millions of content being updated and if you don’t update, it’s easy for your account and content to be drowned in a sea of ​​new content.

The Instagram and YouTube algorithms like those who update content frequently and will recommend the latest content.

The more new people who see the content, the greater the chance that they will become your followers or subscribers later.

Post the best times to post which is around 8 am, 2 pm and 8 pm. This is the time when people are actively using social media.

4. Use the right hashtags and geotags

Hashtags make your content easy to find. Use hashtags as relevant as possible to the uploaded content.

The fewer and more specific hashtags are used, the better. For example, the hashtag #HidupSehat is more than #TipsHidupSehat.

Even though it doesn’t have a big impact on YouTube, it’s very influential on Instagram.

In addition to using hashtags, you can also add geotags to mark your posts in certain areas. It will reach a specific demographic area.

If you post about Bogor peaks, the hashtags are related to Bogor peaks and don’t forget to use geotags.


endorsers will search for which Instagram account is suitable for their business with a hashtag search. By using the right hashtags, you are already on their radar.

9 Ways to Get Endorsed on YouTube and Instagram for Beginners

5. Post specific brands

Try posting certain brands as triggers or levers. If everything is right, starting from relevant, authentic and quality content, followers that match the nice market, it’s time to try to post certain brands that suit your nice and followers.

Try to post small brands first for starters. You can look for it on the Instagram of brands that have endorsed Influencers.

Try to post the product by asking “Where can I buy this?” “Has anyone tried this product?”

By posting like this, you prove to be a suitable partner and you will be immediately seen by the brand and your chances of being endorsed are huge.

6. Include contact information in your bio or video description

Don’t forget to include a contact for the endorser to contact. Include detailed contact information, don’t just email.

Don’t hesitate to say that you accept sponsorship too.

If you have a blog, you can also create a page of any brand that has sponsored you so that endorsers know that you are an experienced influencer.

7. Find an endorser

Look for endorsers actively. Look for brands that match your nice. In the right way, you will easily get endorsers.

When looking for endorsers, look for those whose Instagram is quite active, which means they are actively marketing through Instagram and are likely to use endorsers to expand their influence.

There is nothing wrong with working with small brands because this will add to your portfolio later.

Make a list of everyone you have the opportunity to partner with and email them one by one.

Explain clearly, who you are, what you do, what are your strengths and your account, the characteristics of your followers and explain why you are suitable to sponsor the brand.

8. Register on Sociabuzz.com

Sosiabuzz.com is a kind of marketplace where influencers and endorsers meet. You can register there for free. There are several nice category options that you can choose from.

This is an ideal place for beginners who want to get sponsorship of a particular brand. There are so many influencers here.

If you have a specific niche you will outperform those who don’t have a specific market niche.

9. Communicative

Simply put, you as an influencer intend to help those who have a brand so that their brand is increasingly recognized.

Make sure that sponsoring you is a very profitable thing for their business. Always a positive and prompt response as a form of your professional.