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This Fuji X-A5 is so cute. The unit I got was pink. Looks very adorable.

But behind the appearance that makes this anxious, stored imaging sensor of 24 Megapixels with very prime photo quality.

Oh yeah, if you feel left out because you’ve never seen the X-A4, don’t worry. From the previous generation, the X-A3, Fuji did jump right into the X-A5.

Is it because number 4 doesn’t bring luck to the Japanese? Who knows.

The X-A5 has an LCD touch screen whose screen can be flipped forward. For selfie fans and vloggers, you will definitely like it.

X-A5, 15-45

Oh yes, for videos, there is a mic input for attaching an external mic, although at a less standard size, namely 2.5 mm. Fortunately Fuji also issued a mic ST1 which also has a size of 2.5mm.

Video on the X-A5 can also be for 4K. Unfortunately only at 15 fps. For a 4K camera at 30 fps, at least you have to step up to the X-T20.

The camera feels very light. The camera body is mostly plastic but doesn’t look cheap. the design classy and timeless. The new 15-45 power zoom kit lens is also very small but sharp and autofocus is fast.

The X-A5 does have a touch screen. However, I am not used to it, but I turn this function off because it is often accidentally squeezed and changes the position of the autofocus point.

The Fuji X-A5 uses the traditional PSAM mode dial, unlike the XT series which uses shutter speed and ISO dials on it. The fn key above can be switched to the function we want, such as film simulation or iso.

Flip screens like this can only be found on entry-level Fuji such as the XA5 and XT100. Why not make the X-H1 which incidentally is Fuji’s most advanced hybrid camera at the moment?


For me, who is a Fuji X-T2 user, using the X-A5 feels a bit slow. It feels like using the same laptop but the RAM is reduced.

The most visible is when navigating the menu. Feels a bit ‘loading’ when we confirm our choices in the menu.

Autofocus also feels slower in low light with the same lens.

But, yes, if you have never used a high-end Fuji camera, using the X-A5 will not feel anything. Everything will feel normal and responsive.

Even when compared to the previous X-A3, the autofocus on the X-A5 has really improved due to the new hybrid autofocus system. Although in video mode the autofocus is still inadequate.

The camera is light and pleasant to use. As long as you use the kit lens provided or a lightweight fix lens like the XF 35 f/2.

For selfies, nothing can beat this camera. No matter how good your cellphone is, it will never beat a real camera with a large sensor like this.

Selfie with Fuji X-A5 in low light, kit lens 15-45

Photo quality

Although the Fuji X-A5 uses a conventional bayer sensor like other cameras, the typical Fuji colors are still felt on the X-A5. Somehow, I feel the results of the X-A5 are more ‘ripe’ than the X-T2 with Xtrans sensor.

Maybe because this is a camera whose results must be ready to be uploaded on social media? Fuji is famous for its beautiful JPEG quality.

Yes, you don’t need to worry that this camera has a wi-fi function for direct transfer to a smartphone.

Noise at iso 200-800 is barely noticeable. Clean. ISO 1600 starts to have a little noise, ISO 3200 noise starts to feel but it’s still very good.

Iso 6400 can still be used if only for web purposes. ISO 25,600 and 51,200 are also available for emergency use. Although I don’t recommend it.

For the video quality is quite good at 1080p. For the needs of youtube is very sufficient. Even though there’s already 4K, let’s just say it’s a 1080p camera for reasons of insufficient frame rate.

I really really like the design of this camera. So are the results. This camera is one of the most affordable cameras if you want to get into the Fuji ecosystem. The image processing is amazing.

Color is a matter of taste, everyone’s subjective. But in my opinion, the color of this fuji will be liked by most people because when photographing faces, skin tone looks very awesome. Best on its class.

Additional photo samples

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