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This writing included in have won Jailolo, I’m Coming!” Blog Contest organized by Jailolo Bay Festival and Wego Indonesia

Wallace, do you remember your first stop in Jailolo in 1858?

On book The Malay Archipelago what you wrote, you described it as a paradise peninsula with various birds of paradise in its virgin forest.

Don’t forget to also paint the beach very poetically – a pure white, shoulders of azure blue, and belly of vivid crimson.

Wallace, I heard my nation’s ancestor was a sailor? Are you good friends with them?

I really admire you, with a simple sailing ship, you sailed the entire archipelago for a dedication.

You’re not like the Portuguese military genius Alfonso D’albuquerque who only sees my shame as “golden spices island”then began raiding and establishing colonies.

Opening your classic work which contains travel notes for eight years researching the flora & fauna of the archipelago, I can only get goosebumps.

You are naturalist and traveler true.

However, did you know? I don’t understand at all. How can these kitchen spices cause conflict and war?

I can’t imagine how many objects scattered around my kitchen, which seem insignificant at the moment, can form a political map and change national boundaries.

I think, this kitchen spice does not reflect the heroic or magical things that are worth fighting for. But, that’s just the shallow thoughts of a boy who can only sail in cyberspace.

Columbus, in 1503, even said that the Indies was the richest region in the world, only because of the spices.

In fact, the Dutch were willing to exchange the island of Manhattan (New York!) with the island of Run, a small nutmeg-producing island in the Moluccas belonging to the British!

Wallace, will you help me?

Maybe, by tracing the history of this spice, I can find enlightenment. By retracing the past and learning how life revolved in the past, I might be able to get to know myself and my own people more closely.

Oh yes, right now in my nation there is a lot of excitement to welcome the Jailolo Bay Festival. I thought, my anxiety would be cured a little if I could visit him. Documenting the saga “the golden spices“That’s reason enough for me to go there.

Ah, maybe you’re not interested in tourism. You are a true traveler who has carved your tracks perfectly. But, the more people who know jailolo the better, right?

Now the price of spices is not as great as before. In a way, tourism will definitely help the economy of the Jailolo people.

If only Jailolo could embrace the travel blogger nationally and internationally, bringing Jailolo into the eyes of the world is not a difficult matter. People are much more confident in the experiences of para bloggerrather than the official website which is often just like a brochure.

You know what, Wallace? Spices are everywhere, but the typical culinary spices of the archipelago in Jailolo can’t be matched!

Who doesn’t want to taste the ginger rice baked in a bamboo slit? Grilled manta dabu-dabu fish with sliced ​​tomatoes and fresh onions? Or yellow soup papeda with a strong spice aroma? Have you tried it? Slurrrrrp!

Sorry Wallace, I’m getting distracted.

This is a piece of my letter about my admiration for your dedication, I hope I can feel your footprints in Jailolo there and hope to find pieces “The Treasure of the Golden Spice Islands.

your friend,


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