A Rare Experience Seeing Humpback Whales Live in Sydney

It started with a chat between me and my coworker, the same morning at cafe our workplace in Sydney. You usually have plenty of time to talk. My friend told me about his weekend getaway, which was the experience of seeing humpback whales.

Book a tour to see humpback whales in Sydney

At the turn of certain seasons, humpback whales migrate from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere and vice versa. Well, how lucky they were to be passing through the waters near Sydney.

I came home from work thinking back to my friend’s story. On the one hand I was very interested because I myself had never seen a humpback whale migrating in person. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend money, haha.

It’s actually not that expensive, I looked on the internet for information on a humpback whale viewing tour. First, I immediately checked Groupon, which is a site that usually has lots of promos or discounts.

There are several companies that provide humpback whale viewing tours in Sydney. After reading the reviews, finally my choice fell to Oz Whale Watching. The promo price at that time was AUD 39.

I carefully planned everything because I didn’t want to miss the chance to see a humpback whale. From when is the best time, weather, and other conditions that might affect whether a humpback whale will appear or not.

Actually, the company guarantees that you will be able to see humpback whales. Otherwise, the company will give you a free tour afterwards if you don’t see any whales that day.

The weather in Sydney lately is also not very good, it rains a lot. Yes, I just pray that everything goes well.

cruise ship in sydney
The front of the ship

It’s time to go on a humpback whale viewing tour

OK, the tour was booked for me and another friend. We’re all set for today’s tour. The meeting point was at Darling Harbor where we gathered and boarded the ship.

Luckily the weather was quite nice, although a bit cold. After boarding the ship I looked for a suitable seat. The ship is quite large with seating in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Slowly the ship moved and left the port. We passed the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge, beautiful views. Then we had the breakfast included in the tour package, some bread, sausage and eggs. Mayannn..

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Hornsby Light House
You can see the Honorsby Light House from a distance

The whale appears!

The wave currents are quite strong, the wind makes it a little uncomfortable, but thankfully the sky is clear. Not long after sailing, about 15 minutes, an object was seen in the distance. It turned out that a humpback whale had just come to the surface.

Wow, I didn’t expect to be able to see this one mammal so quickly. All tour participants go straight to the front of the ship. I could see a shadow in the water followed by a tail before disappearing into the sea.

There was an explanation from the tour guide through the loudspeaker. It turned out that what we saw was a humpback whale, which is often found migrating from Antarctica to the waters around Australia where the temperature is warmer.

There was a time interval or interval where we had to wait about 10-15 minutes for the whale to surface again. Some of the tour participants were still standing at the front of the ship’s deck while some of them went in and sat inside, perhaps unable to stand the piercing wind and the strong rocking of the ship.

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see a humpback whale
When the humpback whale “breaching”

ship captain and guide very experienced to follow in the footsteps of a humpback whale. The funny thing was when we ran from one side of the boat to the other with the boat rocking to see the humpback whales more clearly. Unmitigated, it is almost impossible to stand without holding something, because the ship sways so fast.

The sun was getting higher, the more ships were arriving. I’ve personally been quite happy to see humpback whales come to the surface several times. Seen a female humpback whale with a calf, moving gracefully regardless of the boats around.

Suddenly the young whale jumped and hit the water with its big body. This behavior is known as “breaching“. Spontaneously all who saw including myself exclaimed with joy, could not believe what we saw.

Some must-know tips for seeing humpback whales in Sydney

At least some preparations can be made to increase the opportunity to see humpback whales. Especially the whale is one of the wild wildlife. Some information that might be of help is:

  • The cost needed to join a humpback whale viewing tour in Sydney is around AUD 94. I got a promo from groupun so only had to pay AUD 39 including 1x meal. The tour is quite satisfying.
  • The best months to see humpback whales in Sydney are May to November.
  • Check the weather forecast before booking a tour.
  • Joining a morning or afternoon tour has little effect on the appearance of humpback whales.
  • Bring a jacket, hat, sunglasses, camera, or medicine so you don’t get seasick.
  • Don’t eat too much so you don’t get seasick.
  • My favorite spot is the front deck.
  • Enjoy!

Now, Whale viewing experience in Sydney very pleasant. Also read a vacation itinerary to Sydney, maybe it can help you if you plan to go to Sydney.

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