A Simple and Comfortable One-Story House for Living

Simplicity, should be another factor that suitable for our house construction. The emphasis is not on elegant design, but on the atmosphere, where we can live happily and in a warm atmosphere, suitable for all ages. Especially for the elderly, who do not need a big house, but are comfortable, and have spaces with proper use, to answer all life’s problems.

The inspiration in our Idea Book this time, will take you to a simple and comfortable house with an architecture that is also friendly but sturdy, and the colors of the house are close to nature, not too flashy.

Let’s take a closer look.

Notched Entrance

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construction Country . Style Houses

This is a one-story house that has several curves in the area entranceher, which stretches around the house. The roof supports the appearance of the house, in addition to functioning as a barrier to rain and sun. While the floors are made with different heights, made of earthen tiles, and surrounded by green grass that brightens the appearance of the house.

External Display

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construction Country . Style Houses


calm and relaxed atmosphere is the main touch of this house, which makes it comfortable with its simple design. The roof of the house is in the form of a gable with a simple color selection, bright orange. There is a large moving area on the terrace around the house which is painted white, with beautiful little lights when turned on as the sun begins to fall and the darkness of night approaches.

Beautiful View from the Wide Glass

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construcción Country . Living Room

This area, obviously became space extraordinary in our homes today. There is an open area to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the house, through several glass frames. The interior of the house has an intimate, strong and warm nature, making it an ideal area to relax and unwind, where all members of the house can spend time together happily.

class="text-container subheading -centered- !padding-t-s !padding-b-s">Brick wall

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In this corner is also installed a large glass that makes the house look spacious, and allows outside light to shine through the interior of the house, with highlightsit is found on a semi-brick wall nude which is plastered with white color, brightens and becomes an additional decoration on the other side of the house.

Filled with Wood

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construction Pintu

In addition to the wide glass, a sliding glass door is also installed to reduce space door opening. While the wooden floor makes the house look simple and friendly, with a warm atmosphere typical of a wooden house.

Enjoy the Natural Page

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construction Pintu

From this angle, you can see the greenery of the front yard of the house, through the large glass which can also make us enjoy the appearance of the house from the outside.

class="text-container subheading -centered- !padding-t-s !padding-b-s">With Effective Material Choice, Everything Will Change

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construcción Country . Living Room

With a focus on the use of quality materials or materials that have effective standards, the design and decoration of this house looks simple and creates a different atmosphere, with some curves in the interior structure of the house.

The Outside of the House can also be Used

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construction Country . Style Houses

Here we see a simple wooden structure. Located outside the home – and also part of the house – this is a space for cooking outside the home. The atmosphere is open with a high and airy roof.

Outdoor Kitchen Section

ARCOP Arquitectura & Construction Country . Style Houses

This is the kitchen area outside the house, part of the photo we saw earlier. The appearance is kept simple with the use of bricks, and has exhaust to provide good air circulation. A wise choice, where even outside, the problem of air circulation is also still considered.



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