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Mae Hong Son is in northern Thailand. Precisely in the mountains close to the Myanmar border. To get here, you can use a direct plane from Bangkok, with first transit in Chiang Mai.

For those of you who have watched the movie The Melody (2012), you definitely want to come to Mae Hong Son. In that movie, Mae Hong Son looks very charming with its charming landscape, away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

On this trip, I was accompanied by friends from TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and Bjorka and Baba and Mama, Bang Ringgo and Kak Sabai. Coincidentally, this time is an event family fun race involving several celebrity families from several countries.

So I’m actually confused. I’m not a celebrity and I’m not married. But why am I here? HA HA HA.

*then silence*

Alright, there are a few places we visited in this Mae Hong Son. Some of them are Pang Tong Palace, Wat Jong Kham, and some other interesting places!

Pang Tong Palace

Lamb at Pang Tong Palace

I think this place is some kind of king’s palace or something. But apparently not, this is a kind of project from the royal family that was created for an agricultural research and development center in the Mae Hong Son area.

So it’s not really a tourist place either. However, many tourists stop to rest here because the atmosphere is pleasant.

The area is quite large and you have to use a vehicle to explore it. There are flower gardens, fruit gardens, and cute farm animals. Like these sheep.

Bjorka and Sis Sabai

One of the locations for the family fun race is the Pang Tong Palace section which contains these sheep. Just look at the thick fur, try to imagine how juicy this lamb is when it’s satay. #eh

The challenge here is that we have to be able to take a selfie with the sheep while giving them milk. Don’t worry, it’s from a bottle. Not from other milk sources.

she loves it!
So cute :3
Starving like this is a sheep

Before moving on to the next place, we first had lunch in the Ban Rak Thai area. This area is known as ‘china town’ because there are many people of Chinese descent here.

If you can speak mandarin, try interacting with the people there. They will be happy to share their stories with you.

A roof that has Chinese characteristics
There’s even a mini ‘wall of china’
Even though it’s only a few hundred meters long
Shops around Ban Rak Thai Village
Ban Rak Thai village is located around the lake.

Phuklon Country Club Health Mud Spa

Well this is what I’m most waiting for. Since my face already looks like a leaking oil refinery, it’s shiny and full of blackheads, I’m so glad I got to try this mud spa.

So the mud comes from the hot springs around the rice fields in Mae Hong Son. This mud is believed to have a positive effect on facial skin. That said, the mineral content is similar to mud from the Dead Sea.

For a full body mask the price is around 1200 baht. But if it’s just for the face it’s only a few hundred baht.

While waiting for the mud to dry in advance, I sat in one of the pools with natural hot springs to relax the leg muscles.

If I have time, I really want a full body massage, hehe.

When I read I was afraid of myself..
soak feet in hot water

Wat Jong Kham

Now after Mud Spa, my face seems to have become 10 years younger. It’s really good for taking photos. Then we were loaned the traditional northern Thai clothes and were ready to take great pictures!

The clothes are similar to clothes from China, even more like koko clothes. We took pictures at Wat Jong Kham. Built in 1827, this Temple is the oldest temple in Mae Hong Son.

Look at the beauty of this temple’s golden color, guys~



Mae Hong Son, if I may say, is really quiet when compared to Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Foreign tourists are rarely seen, because Mae Hong Son is more popular with domestic tourists (which are also not many in number).

So if you like a cool little town in the mountains. No excessive noise. Exploring was enough to bike or walk. So for those who have been to Bangkok or Chiang Mai often, Mae Hong Son can be an interesting alternative.

For more fun photos, check the hashtags #familyfunthailand (click!) on instagram!

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