When you have cognate friends, you will definitely feel like brothers even though you first met.

Either one campus, one complex, one tribe, one girlfriend *eh*, or other similarities.

National Party Costume @ Air Asia Blogger Community 3 rd Anniversary

Likewise, when I met fellow bloggers from all over Asia during the 3rd anniversary of the Air Asia Blogger community (AABC) in Jakarta, 12 November, somehow we already feel connected because both bloggers and both from Asia!

Moreover, the Thai lady in the middle, what she wants to do is still beautiful.


#TeamCikini at cikini station

Last year, I also attended a similar event. But the location is in Bangkok, Thailand. This year, Jakarta has the opportunity to host and entertain delegates from each country.

We gathered at the Double Tree Hotel, which is located right in front of Cikini Station. This is our starting point to explore the city of Jakarta while doing a fun race that contains many challenges that are ready to be conquered. The prize? Free tickets to all air asia routes! MAKKKKK!

Challenge #2 winners!

Besides the fun race which is a challenge for the group, there is also a challenge for the individual. One of them is taking pictures with welcome cookies from the Double Tree by Hilton Jakarta Hotel. I tried to take as creative a photo as possible, then the photo above is the result.

Not bad, get a voucher for a two night stay at any Hilton Hotel.

There is also a challenge with a ticket to MALDIVES as a prize, but unfortunately I’m still out of luck hehe!

New SANTAN series inflight meal introduced at the first dinner

During the welcome dinner, we were also introduced to the Air Asia style coconut milk menu. Inflight food with Southeast Asian flavours. Now you will not only find Nasi Lemak Pak Naseer. But also Nasi Padang Uda Ratman with Rendang!

Anyone know the blue rice? I forget the name, but it’s a kind of nasi lemak with natural coloring from flowers. It’s a kind of yellow rice in Indonesia haha.

Met my team in bangkok last year

The old town was drizzling that day. However, my friends and #TeamCikini are still happy to complete the challenge. We finished first! But unfortunately I didn’t win, hiks.

#TeamCikini is trying to complete one of the challenges.

To see more of the excitement of this event, I made a short vlog that you can watch below.

See you next year in India!

Psssst, you might also be able to take part in exciting events like this if you register as a member of the Air Asia Blogger Community, you know. Register here now!

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