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Being a parent, especially a mother, is not easy. Need to learn to be able to educate and care for children well. Along with the changing times and the development of information technology, the challenges of being a parent are increasing. Not only that, there is so much information and myths circulating about the mother’s problem.

Realizing this, IpadGuides.info through HiMom is present as an online mass media that provides reliable information about the world of parenting, pregnancy, breastfeeding, mom’s life both from experts and the experiences of other mothers.

In accordance with its tagline “Knowing Mother”, HiMom is expected to be the answer to all of your mother’s problems as well as a medium for sharing problems and solutions through articles, infographics, and videos presented.


IGAcademy is here as a solution to improve people’s competence in getting a job, increasing income, and starting a business professionally with quality learning video materials at affordable prices.

This is also supported by IGAcademy’s consistency in developing lifelong learning through online learning that is useful and has an impact on honing individual skills and human resources.

Various fields of learning for various backgrounds and purposes are also available. Starting from training for careers to get promotions, better jobs, to salary increases, as well as learning for the needs of getting started. Everything that is presented in the spirit of #SuccessKerjaDanMulaiBusah that has been trusted.
IGAcademy offers many advantages to maximize the learning process

the number of users also tell their stories. One of them is Mr. Grevany, an employee who has lost during the pandemic, but thanks to IGAcademy, he managed to get a new job as a manager.

“I had to lose my job as a permanent employee due to the pandemic. Many vacancies have been applied for but failed, I finally decided to register for training. After researching here and there, I chose IGAcademy and took the CV and Interview Surgery classes, as well as the Career Guidance Program. I got direct referrals from experts who knew which part of me needed to be improved and improved, as a result I applied again, many job calls came and I was accepted for a job as an IT manager. I am very grateful!”
The same thing was experienced by Mrs. Catharine, a cashier who chose to start a coffee shop business and eventually became successful thanks to the skills she learned from the IGAcademy training.

“My turnover had decreased when I opened a coffee shop, I knew I needed to learn more about this business. Finally, I joined the How to Make Barista Coffee class at IGAcademy. I learned a lot about how to make, serve, and completely store coffee. From there, I can apply it to my shop business so that the strategy is more precise. As a result, the shop is even more crowded!”

It’s time to develop maximum work and business competencies like their experience above, with classes at IGAcademy.

Story Collection

Everyone must have felt like a failure, whether they failed in business, education, or in love. This experience of having failed can actually be used as a lesson that nothing is smooth in this world.

Failure is used as motivation to keep fighting in order to achieve success. However, sometimes there are some people who fail and then fall continuously. Whereas failure is used as evidence whether the person can rise again or not.

Using motivational stories can be used as a way to motivate yourself to become a better person. When you fail, you have to try again, and so on. Here are some motivational stories that might be of use to you.

Success and failure is like a game of dice. Where five sides of the dice is called a failure, while the number 6 is called a success. The more times you try to roll the dice, the more likely you are to hit the number 6.

Similarly, the more often you try but fail, then this indicates that you are getting closer to success. There was a mother who was given a gun and was holding her baby. Then the mother was asked to shoot at the target and the mother was only given 7 bullets.

Of the seven bullets, none of them managed to hit the target. however, it is possible that the mother managed to hit the target when she fired 100,000 rounds using the same pistol. This is called the law of probability.

Where the more you try, the more likely it is to succeed. Basically, success is only a matter of statistics related to arithmetic and timing problems. If more and more people say no, then this is a sign that the closer you are to finding people who say yes.

Similar to rolling the dice, the more often you roll the dice, the more likely it is for you to meet the number 6.