Advantages of Online Salary Slips for Business Efficiency

Advantages of Online Salary Slips for Business Efficiency

Every month on the employee’s payroll date, HR administrative work not only calculates salaries which involves many components, but also prepares and distributes payslips to each employee. Pay slip or payslip is the obligation of the employer to the employee, whether requested or not.

Based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 36 of 2021 concerning Wages, Article 53 paragraph (2), explains that employers are required to provide proof of payment of wages containing details of wages received by workers/laborers at the time the wages are paid. That is, HR or employers are required to distribute employee salary slips on the payroll date that has been agreed upon in the work agreement.

Benefits of Giving Salary Slips

  • Proof that the employee’s salary has been paid by the supervisor at the nominal stated in the salary slip.
  • Encouraging payroll transparency, so that every employee knows detailed information about the calculation of the salary they receive.
  • As a valid document for employees who already have income, so it can be used for various purposes, such as applying for a vehicle loan.

Conventionally, employee payslips are generally made through spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel, then printed on paper and sent to each employee in a sealed envelope to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

However, in modern practice, the above method is slowly being abandoned because it is considered inefficient. For business actors with many employees or many branch offices/outlets, the use of manual salary slips not only causes a waste of HR work time, but also wastes the budget for printing costs and sending salary slips to each employee.

Advantages of Online Salary Slips for Business Efficiency

With technology Internet and cloud these problems can be solved properly. You as a business owner can manage employee salary calculation data in digital format in the form of digital salary slips or emails e-payslip. Thus, at the time of payroll, employees simply receive a salary slip document in their electronic mailbox (e-mail) or through the employee portal.

Salary slip on line made using payroll software automatically. With this application, the calculation results of all components of employee salaries will produce e-payslips which can be directly accessed by the employees concerned with their respective accounts.

Difference between manual paper payslip and e-payslip lies in the process of compiling, distributing, and securing employee data. Compared to manual systems with spreadsheets, the use of online payslip applications is more profitable for companies and employees.

Advantages of Online Salary Slips

1. Efficiency of the administrative work process

With payslip application on line, you don’t need any more roles admin payroll to enter manual calculation formulas, because software It has been equipped with an automatic and accurate counting system. The calculation process is much faster, you can shorten administrative work and divert HR staff’s productive time for key work, such as HR development.

2. Save cost

The online salary slip application does not require paper (paperless) so it is not only more environmentally friendly but also saves business administration costs.

3. Security of employee data is more guaranteed

Without paper, payslip data is not at risk of being scattered or falling into the hands of others. Data stored in cloud servers safer, because it can only be accessed by the employee concerned with the username and password password. Employees become easier to access personal salary database and download the document anytime and anywhere if needed.

4. Information is delivered in a timely manner

Salary slips are confidential so that in physical form it takes time for distribution and often arrives in the hands of employees a few days after the payroll date. The use of digital salary slips overcomes the distance barrier, and can be accessed right at the time of salary payment, and makes it easier for employees to match the amount of net salary received with the calculation on the payslip.

Gadjian is an app payroll Indonesia, which has an automatic salary calculation feature and online salary slip that is very efficient and cost-effective. Not only fast and free human error In calculating payslips, Gadjian also helps business owners save on employee administration costs.

HRIS cloud It has an employee portal feature, where each employee can access payslips on line them safely anytime and anywhere. Employees can also download and use mobile app My Gadjian through smartphone Their Android or iOS to check e-payslip enough from the palm of the hand.

Gadjian not only calculates and makes online payslips easier and more practical, but also allows the HR/Finance division to pay salaries of all employees quickly, accurately and safely with just one click.

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