Advantages of Tiktok App from Other Social Media Apps

Advantages of Tiktok App from Other Social Media Apps
Advantages of Tiktok App from Other Social Media Apps

The application that was viral in mid-2018 was TikTok, in fact this application has many advantages for its users. Tiktok is one of the applications that was blocked by the government through Kominfo.

From this error, TikTok has been transformed into an application that seeks to educate its users, and in the end, TikTok has developed in a positive direction. Tiktok also has various features which are a distinct advantage for this application.

Here we will explain the various advantages of tiktok compared to other social media applications. Tiktok can also be used as a means to sell knick-knacks, merchandise or even promote the various products you sell to support the family’s economy. Here are the advantages of the Tiktok application, including:

1. No need account to view videos on Tik Tok App and 15 second Short Videos.

Tiktok is a social network that is very easy to use, unlike other applications, tiktok is an application that does not require an account to view videos on the tiktok application itself.

In the tiktok app you can visit the app to view videos without your own account. This is certainly useful and easier than having to login first. All kinds of videos uploaded on tiktok are generally only 15 seconds.

With this short and short duration, people who use the application save internet quota more. The short duration also doesn’t make people bored easily, with a short duration you can understand something easily without having to watch it for hours.

2. The filters that the tiktok application has are various and many challenges in it

Tiktok has a variety of filter features and even a lot, these filters can be used by its users. The company that created tiktok claims that the filters that this application has are different from similar applications because they are more diverse. This is certainly a distinct advantage for tiktok users because they are free to be creative and expressive.

Tiktok also has various challenges, the challenges themselves usually come from all countries that use tiktok, as well as in Indonesia. There are so many viral challenges such as the shameless hashtag, filterswipe and other interesting challenges provided by Tiktok itself, this will certainly make users more enthusiastic about participating in the challenge.

Is it true that the Tiktok application can use selected background music?

3. Can use selected background music and No Ads on Applications

You can use the background music of your own choice, this advantage is the most prominent advantage of the tiktok application because in the tiktok application itself, users can add background music to make videos that are made more lively and more creative.

Choosing the background music offered is quite a lot and up to date. In the Tiktok application itself there are no ads, unlike other applications, this application has no ads at all.

Users also do not feel disadvantaged because this application makes the experience of using the application with a feeling of satisfaction, and not disturbed.

In addition to the advantages, TikTok also has these drawbacks, including the impacts resulting from the TikTok application to teenagers, especially the impact of information and communication technology from a positive and a negative perspective.

The benefits of the tiktok application in addition to the three points above are as a creative medium that can develop and encourage someone to work. The tiktok application is an application that can make someone express their creativity, especially in making videos because the tiktok application itself is a platform for making videos with special, unique and easy effects.

Tiktok is also an application that provides various kinds of music for video backgrounds, so that users can create more interesting videos.

This social media platform is also video and music-based and can train young people or children to hone their video editing skills and create more useful content.

Of course, there are a lot of negative impacts for teenagers caused by this tiktok application, not a few articles that discuss the negative impacts of tiktok until Kominfo must block it.

Because indirectly tiktok is the cause of the younger generation like to sway, if you are an active person on Instagram, of course you will find netizens with various videos made on this tiktok application.

Various videos, some are ordinary, some are extraordinary, even some of the teenagers are rocking with unnatural attitudes.

The unnatural video is not only done by teenagers, but involves small children in making tiktok videos for the sake of responding or just chasing fyp from netizens, even daring to sing again and act like adults who are old enough.

Even YouTube is better if the tiktok application is considered as an entertainment medium. The purpose of the tiktok application itself is purely for entertainment, but excessive is also not true.

Because some of us are also familiar with various viral news that are booming or sad if it involves this one application.

Even though we can hone our skills as video creators and directly with more adequate applications. Not a few inappropriate videos circulating and exemplifying things that are not good, for teenagers and children today.

The number of videos with inappropriate actions makes tiktok users deviate from religious blasphemy such as making video content dancing together while praying, and this is actually very deviated even though it is just entertainment.

There are not a few accounts that upload similar videos without realizing that the video is not appropriate to be imitated because it can make the delinquency of today’s children become diverse, this requires the role of families and the role of parents in educating their children by providing guidance to children who are addicted to tiktok, not to mention other cases that have a negative impact on users.

Creative is a thought that is useful for the homeland and the nation but is too creative for funny and interesting videos to be unable to judge which ones are appropriate and which are not, which is not recommended because not a few teenagers are creative in making videos to get a response from people. others but do not take into account what is appropriate and what is not.

Some tiktok users don’t think before they record what they do, maybe they just think how to go viral, good, okay and attract a lot of responses from the audience without caring about what they show to the audience, it invites disgust and bad attitude for themselves .

The explanation above is an explanation of the positive and negative resulting from the social media application Tiktok which is phenomenal in Indonesia, even though people think there are more negative sides than negative.

But blaming the development of technology is wrong, because it all depends on the use of the application itself.