Afraid of Public Speaking? Let’s Learn to Overcome Excessive Fear

Many people feel afraid when public speaking. According to them, getting rid of fear when public speaking is very difficult. In reality, you can overcome this fear in several ways. Want to know how to overcome excessive fear? Let’s see the information

The fear that arises does not mean you are a weak person, because fear is an instinctive feeling, and everyone must have felt fear.

Fear sometimes arises because there is excessive anxiety. This anxiety arises due to several internal and external factors. Excessive fear can be overcome and eliminated by several things. Anything? Here’s how to get rid of excessive fear

Calm down

To avoid anxiety that can cause fear, it is enough that you control yourself to be more relaxed and calm. When you are relaxed and calm without any pressure, both external and internal factors, you can eliminate your fears. Therefore, calming yourself down is the key to controlling your fear.

How to calm yourself can be by controlling your breath and let yourself relax and relax. Let your mind for a moment forget the cacophony of difficulties that exist. Focus on calming down. That way you can make feelings of anxiety more controlled and fear can be overcome.

id="berpikirlah-hal-positif">Think Positive

One of the causes of fear is because negative thoughts appear that make you feel anxious. For example, the fear of saying the wrong thing, the audience not paying attention to you, and various negative thoughts that arise before you do public speaking.

To overcome this fear, you have to think positively whatever happens later. Make your mind positive and believe that what you are doing is successful and accepted by many people. Remember to Keep Positive Thinking about whatever happens.


to always think positively when you start to feel anxious or afraid of something. Fight the fear with positive thinking. To eliminate the fear, it is enough to think about the positive things that you get when you fight the fear.

id="bangun-percaya-diri">Build Confidence

Almost the same as point number two, To be able to overcome excessive fear, you can build self-confidence. The higher the confidence you have, the easier it is to get rid of fear. but don’t be too high because self-confidence that is too high is not good. You would agree that self-confidence can overcome the fear that occurs, because everyone who believes in themselves always has positive thoughts.

For example, when you feel afraid to appear in public or public, you can train yourself to increase your confidence from afar. You can learn to speak in front of a mirror, then it can be to friends or family. this can increase self-confidence.

From this example, it can be concluded that you need an exercise to build a sense of self-confidence to appear in public. If you are ready, then you overcome the fear of being overly afraid of public speaking.

id="cari-penyebab-rasa-takut">Find the Cause of Fear

To get rid of fear, you can look for the source of the fear. Look for the cause of the emergence of anxiety and fear in yourself. By doing so, you can minimize the feeling of fear from reappearing.

If you are afraid that what you say is wrong, you can learn public speaking and increase the information that you will convey to the audience. Or you are afraid that people will not accept what you have to say, so the trick is to know a little about what the audience wants. That way you can overcome excessive fear.

Be Yourself and Accept Reality

Accepting the fact that happened will make you feel calmer. Try to be yourself, when you do that will make you more prepared to face fear.

Being yourself is very important, don’t imitate someone and expect you to be like the person you imitate. Because you may lack confidence so that fear will arise and what you have learned is lost.


all the facts that exist, this will minimize the emergence of anxiety because they feel like they have failed. Accept reality and be yourself. That way you can overcome excessive fear.

Fear is always there, but you can minimize it by several ways to overcome and overcome excessive fear of yourself. Excessive fear is not very good for psychological health.

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