Alamak, This is the Coolest Floating House Concept

Building a floating house on a river can be a very good idea to overcome the lack of available development land. In Indonesia itself, precisely in South Kalimantan, which is known as a thousand rivers, it is common to find floating houses built lined up on riverbanks.

Not only in Indonesia, houses with a floating concept can also be found in several countries, such as in the Netherlands, considering the area of ​​the country which is not large enough to trick them into building floating houses as settlements. The concept of this floating house has also been adopted by many countries.

A floating house is one of the unique and not commonly found residential concepts. In Indonesia, the concept of a floating house is made so that the house is safe to be located in an area along a river or sea and is adopted because land prices continue to increase. Abroad, the concept of this house was made to overcome the problem of flooding. So that you can understand more about the concept of a floating house and examples of its design.

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