Alhamdulillah given a sensitive match


The husband’s support is a source of happiness for the wives. This is also felt by Artika Sari Devi. The 42-year-old actress has a husband who is ready to support her at home.

Ibrahim Imran, or who is familiarly called Baim, never let his wife be overwhelmed. The former ADA Band vocalist has a touching way of pampering his wife. Baim doesn’t hesitate to take over household tasks to become support system Artika.

Artika tells the story, he is often required to become a Superwoman after becoming a wife and mother. Even though, Superwoman even if you need a day off when you are tired of doing work. That makes Artika very appreciative Baim as a sensitive husband.

“Alhamdulillah, I was given a very sensitive mate. If my face looked tired, he would definitely prevent me from burning out. I was immediately offered ‘Do you want it or not, I change to accompanying school children?’ Wow, that’s really fun. Even crass sentences are defeated by those words,” said Artika at the event Mother’s Day Sketch Now Special Mother’s Day with Good Time, Wednesday (12/22/2021).

Artika likens the figure of Mother as stabilizer. If it is not stable, the balance of the household can become chaotic. The mother of three even admitted that she was easily emotional because of trivial things when she was tired.

Sketch of Modern MotherBaim and Artika Sari Devi in ​​Mother’s Day Special Sketch of Mother’s Day/ Photo: ipadguides Team

Meanwhile, Baim can recognize the signs that his wife is unstable. He has learned to understand his partner since he was dating, Mother. That makes it easy to understand the state of Artika who is carrying out the role of the Mother of the times now.

“Father must be sensitive to the condition of his wife. If the husband and wife are not happy, the family will be in chaos,” said Baim.

Apart from taking the place of Artika taking the children to school, the 46-year-old musician doesn’t hesitate to take part in the business household. For him, physical activities such as mopping and sweeping have become things he likes. Therefore, he did not mind to help his wife, Mother.

“Indeed, sometimes there are various types of fathers. There are also those who are not used to doing things that mothers do at home. But, it’s good for a father to want to dive into the world of women. Try it once in a while, it’s fun,” said the singer of the song Only memories this.

Baim’s involvement in managing the household does not only facilitate Artika Sari Devi’s role as a wife. Baim’s attitude in front of the children will also shape the mindset of their two daughters regarding the figure of a potential life partner in the future.

“My children are all girls. Later they will meet a boy, and they will know the standard of a man from his father,” said the 2004 Miss Indonesia.

On the same occasion, Baim also said the phrase Mother’s Day for the woman he married in 2008, Mother. “Happy Mother’s Day to my wife and all the mothers out there, for her service, who tirelessly did the impossible for us to do,” he said.

Let’s also see how Artika Sari Devi discovers her children’s talents, in the video below:

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