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Mother must be familiar with the term baby bump yes? baby bump is the name for the stomach that enlarges during pregnancy.

baby bump generally not a sign of pregnancy. Because, baby bump usually only seen in the beginning of the second trimester.

baby bump It is a form of physical changes experienced by mothers during pregnancy. Changes in the shape of the abdomen can also see the development of the fetus.

Various baby bump

baby bump This could be due to a number of normal things experienced by the mother during pregnancy. Well, here’s the sundries baby bump what you need to know:

1. Mother’s weight can determine the size baby bump

baby bump Generally, it starts to appear at the beginning of the second trimester because of your weight gain. Baby bumps may only be seen when the weight gain is low.

“If you are underweight, this can be seen approaching 12 weeks of gestation. But if you are a little overweight, baby bump may look closer to 16 weeks,” says Obstetrician Carolyn Kay, MD, reported by Healthline.

2. baby bump can be seen in the first trimester

Although relatively rare, baby bump You can see it in the first trimester. Usually this is experienced by mothers who have been pregnant and gave birth.

Kay said, previous pregnancies can stretch the abdominal muscles and sometimes these muscles can not return to its original shape. As a result, baby bump will be more quickly seen in the next pregnancy.

Apart from being pregnant, baby bump in the first trimester also occurs in twin pregnancies. To accommodate more than one baby, the uterus will enlarge so that baby bump fast seen in the first trimester.

“If you are pregnant with twins or more than two babies, then baby bump started appearing before the end of the first trimester,” says Kay.

3. Stomach bloating can cause baby boom look big

Stomach bloating can be experienced by mothers during pregnancy, yes. Hormonal changes can cause the body to retain fluids, so the stomach can become bloated.

To deal with flatulence, you need to pay attention to your food intake. Try eating high-fiber foods, drinking lots of water, and eating small portions.

4. The shape of the uterus can affect how quickly baby bump seen

The shape of the uterus can also affect how quickly baby bump seen during pregnancy. If the uterus tends to tilt backwards, then baby bump could take longer to appear. On the other hand, if the uterus tilts forward, then baby bump noticeably faster in early pregnancy.

Pregnant motherBaby Bump Illustration/ Photo: iStock

5. Changes in the skin of the abdomen can signal the appearance of baby bump

Changes in the skin in the abdominal area can be a sign baby boom here, Mother. One of these changes is the emergence of stretch marks or small tears that form when the supporting layer under the skin is pulled as the stomach enlarges.

Launching from What to Expect, stretch marks It usually appears between 13 and 21 weeks of gestation. Stretch marks will look like dark lines that are more prominent when you are 35 weeks pregnant.

6. The appearance of a black line on the baby bump it’s normal

Black line in baby bump Also known as the linea nigra. This condition is normal during pregnancy because hormonal changes cause a number of skin disorders in areas of the body.

The linea nigra is a dark brown line that appears around 23 weeks of gestation. The linea nigra is usually 0.5-1 cm wide and runs vertically from the pubis to the umbilicus.

“The specific cause of the nigra line is not known, but it is believed to be related to hormonal changes or hormonal imbalances caused by the developing fetus. One theory is that the melanocyte-stimulating hormone created by the placenta is a major factor. This hormone is also believed to cause darkening around the nipples. milk,” said Robert Johnson of the Mayo Clinic, quoted from the American Pregnancy Association (AAP).

Linea nigra is a normal condition and will slowly go away after a few months of giving birth. So, you don’t need to worry.

7. baby bump won’t go away after giving birth

baby bump will not immediately disappear after giving birth, yes, Mother. There are two things that cause it, namely:

– Weight loss after giving birth

Within 24 hours of delivery, baby bump will decrease slightly, but not completely disappear.

Experts say that conditions are normal. During childbirth, you will lose at least 5.8 kilograms (kg) of fluid, placenta, and the baby that comes out.

Well, after the first week postpartum, you will experience quite a drastic weight loss. But, baby bump still visible.

You don’t have to worry because baby bump will slowly disappear. After delivery, the abdomen and uterus will begin to contract to their pre-pregnancy size. Within six weeks, the weight may return if the mother also regularly breastfeeds the little one.

Keep in mind, yes, some women have skin that is less elastic so it takes a long time to get back in shape after giving birth. No wonder if baby bump can also persist for up to 6 to 12 months.

– Experience diastasis recti

Diastasis recti could be the cause baby bump It doesn’t go away after giving birth. Reported Web MD, diastasis recti This is a condition when the uterus expands and causes the abdominal muscles to separate.

Diastasis recti It can occur due to hormones or the pressure the baby puts on it while it is growing in the tummy. Mother who experienced diastasis recti usually pregnant with more than one child.

Not only makes the stomach ‘bulky’, this condition can also cause back pain. Diastasis recti after giving birth generally takes a long time to heal.

To avoid diastasis rectiMothers should not put extra pressure on the stomach during pregnancy. Avoid doing abdominal stretches, such as planks or sit ups, not lifting heavy objects or sitting too fast.

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