Already Know Yet? Get to know 5 ways to check someone’s true character through their speaking style – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! This time Mimin will share interesting information, namely 5 ways to check a person’s original character through speaking style. Actually, there are many ways to know a person’s true character. For example, through favorite colors, eye gaze, writing style, to speaking style.

And it turns out, it all has its own meaning you know. Curious, how does the original character go through the style of speech? Come on, see the reviews!

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Speak Sarcasm

Illustration of talking (Photo: pexels)

The first way is when they have a sarcastic style of speech. Don’t be in a hurry to get hurt or judge they yes. Because based on research from the University of California San Francisco, people who often say sarcasm and rude turn out to have better mental and brain function than those who never accept harsh words or say sarcasm.

In addition, it also has an original character that is open, as it is, and has a strong and dominant character. Usually they are direct to the point, bluntly, and lighten the mood. If you have a friend who has these characteristics, try to observe the style of his speech, does it match what Mimin has described?

Speak in a Low Voice

Illustration of speaking in a low voice (Photo: unsplash)

If you meet someone with a low-pitched voice, you’ll definitely want to protest to raise their voice. Eits, it could be their character. Several psychological studies have found that people who like to speak in a low voice often have problems with their self-confidence.

They often feel inferior or have low self-esteem and fear that others will criticize them, so it is better to keep their voices low. Then, when speaking, either lower your head or act shy. It turns out that behind the softness of the voice there is a purpose and purpose, yes.

Quick Talk

Illustration of talking (Photo: unsplash)

Next is the person whose speech style is fast and almost no pause. So, we ask him to repeat a second time what they were talking about. This style of speech has a character who always wants to be heard.

Therefore, they do not give the interlocutor pause and opportunity to interrupt. Then, it could be because you don’t have much time, or maybe you are afraid to forget what was said.

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Speak Out Loud

Illustration of talking (Photo: pexels)

Wow, people with a loud speaking style must be fierce and jarring. They have a genuine character that is assertive, seeks the attention of others, and the support of others. But, actually people with this style of speech are suitable to be leaders, because they dominate.

Then, some people who speak out loud tend to be selfish, They will grab the focus of others through their ways, so that they are always fixed on them.

Speak Softly

Soft talking illustration (Photo: unsplash)

And the last way to check the character, when meeting people who speak soft is identical. Sometimes it makes us wonder, why can have such a soft voice? His character is the opposite of the sarcastic talker.

People who speak in soft voices are actually too worried about what other people think. They try to show perfection until there is no blemish, but actually there is a certain purpose. And it could be good or bad depending on the expression on his face.

Already Know Yet? Get to know 5 ways to check someone’s real character through their speaking style

That’s a review of 5 ways to check a person’s original character through his speaking style. Out of the five styles of speech, which character is Buddy Zona?

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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