Alternatives for Trump & Rich People Like Arrears

Alternatives for Trump & Rich People Like Arrears

Tax is an important instrument for the income of a country. Through income in the form of taxes, the state can build public infrastructure and meet other needs, including paying state officials. Then, what happens if many people are reluctant to pay taxes? What if they belong to the class of state officials? Could be an example birddong!

Recently the incumbent president of the United States, Donald Trump, caused a public uproar through his statement during the inaugural debate of the 2020 US presidential election. The moderator of the presidential debate, Chris Wallace from Fox News, asked questions about the New York Times (NYT) report that said Trump only paid income tax of US$750 in 2016 and 2017. An amount that Biden, his political opponent claims, is “less than a school teacher”.

The question is also an ace card for Trump’s debate opponent, Joe Biden from the Democratic party. “Show me your tax returns!” Biden snapped.

Don’t bother. Trump replied “I don’t want to pay taxes”. Then he reasoned, at that time he was a businessman who “Like other business people, unless he is stupid, they will be against the law” (re: taxation)said Trump.

An honest answer from a superpower president. However, honesty alone is certainly not enough if it is not followed by fair conduct. Trump’s acknowledgment that he clearly agrees that he is lazy to pay taxes, should be followed by his accountability by paying 70+ Subtle Satire Words to Collect Debt, Smart and Funny! his tax debt.

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In fact, even for many rich people, paying taxes seems heavy. In Indonesia, the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani was also confused by the behavior of rich people who were lazy to pay taxes.

According to Sri Mulyani, the weak tax sector is income tax revenue (PPh). “Personal income tax is still low. Especially in non-payroll tax. Because he is rich but he doesn’t pay taxes,” he said when he spoke on the agenda Mandiri Investment Forum on February 5, 2020.

Considering the needs of the state, especially Indonesia, which incidentally depends on state revenues from the tax sector. The existence of people who are lazy to pay taxes can be a serious problem. Especially when it is known that many of the crazy rich are lazy to pay taxes.

So, instead of continuing to make a mess, how if these rich people who are lazy to pay taxes set aside some of their money to change citizenships? Because actually, if you want, there are tax-free countries.

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United Arab Emirates

As Sri Mulyani said, the weak tax sector is income tax. Well, this oil-rich country exempts its citizens from income taxes. A relatively stable economy and government is the reason this country does not need to collect income taxes from its residents.

In addition, for rich people who happen to be Muslim, the option to change citizenship to the UAE could be the right choice. You can often go on the pilgrimage, khi.


For rich people who like pleasure, becoming a citizen of Bermuda is the right choice. This archipelagic country has beautiful and exotic beaches. The beauty of coral reefs is also an attraction for world tourists. The hobby of the rich will be channeled well in this country, namely playing golf. There are many golf courses and golf courses here.

How? Interested in spending worldly treasures for now in Bermuda without thinking about tax debt ?


No less friendly than the previous two countries, Andorra not only offers free income tax but also free value added tax. Not only that, the country of Andorra is a country with the highest level of safety in the world. The crime rate in this country is negative.

We just have to wait 10 years to be naturalized as citizens of Andorra. Just be patient, it’s a short time compared to having to live a year and being chased by tax officials in the country of origin.

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