Although it’s normal to happen, mastitis can develop into an infection if it’s not treated

Jakarta – Mastitis disorders may often be experienced by many busui out there. Although it is a normal condition for breastfeeding mothers, it still cannot be underestimated, Mother.

Breastfeeding problems are varied, yes, Mother. It’s not only a matter of dragging breast milk, but also swollen breasts such as mastitis. Yes, mastitis is a risk that often occurs in breast implants.

Inflammation of breast tissue is indeed a risk that is difficult to avoid, especially during the first six months of breastfeeding. So, this disorder not only makes the mother uncomfortable but also the baby.

“Babies can actually help resolve mastitis faster if they are breastfeeding well,” says Ashley Gerogakopolous, Motive Lactation Director and lactation consultant. Romper.

The risk of mastitis can indeed be influenced by many factors, yes, Mother. Often, mastitis occurs because the breast contains a complex system of ducts that allow milk to flow. Over time, some of the ducts can become blocked and prevent milk from flowing properly.

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This buildup can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. So, if the ducts are not clean, the milk can build up and cause the breasts to become sore. Eventually, the breast can become infected which can lead to mastitis.

Clogged ducts are not the only reason for mastitis. It can also be caused by a bacterial infection as bacteria live on the skin so all it takes is one cracked nipple to enter the system and cause inflammation which eventually leads to infection.

Therefore, when mastitis is experienced, of course, it has the potential to transmit infection to the Little One. And, the condition of mastitis that gets worse can be the next risk.

Luckily, mastitis is located in the breast tissue and not in breast milk. So, Busui can continue to breastfeed the little one even though he is experiencing mastitis.

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Also check out the video about the natural causes of recurrent mastitis below:

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