Amaze! Completing Thesis in Prison, Wirogunan Prison Inmates Finally Become Bachelors – Student Zone – The inspirational story of a final student who finished his thesis at the Wirogunan Prison (Class II A Yogyakarta). However, this student named Dwi S managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and graduated last weekend.

Serving his sentence with a child protection case did not become a barrier for Dwi to complete his higher education.

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Submit an Application to Do Thesis on the Campus

Illustration of working on thesis (Photo: Hipwee)

Launching from Krjogja, Dwi revealed that he had expressed concerns related to his studies, which was only to finish his thesis on Ambar Kusuma as the Correctional Guardian of Wirogunan Prison. He admitted that he was afraid that the UNY campus would issue him if he didn’t finish his thesis immediately.

“At that time the Correctional Guardian also passed on to the Head of Subsidy of Bimaswat in Lapas, his name was Pak Sukamto. He turned out to be supportive of me, and finally I finished college, “said Dwi.

After receiving an outpouring from one of the residents, the Head of Subsi Bimaswat as the envoy from the Yogyakarta Class IIA Prison contacted the UNY so that the students who were under the guidance of the Yogyakarta Class IIA Prison could complete their education. The good news is that UNY accepted the request and allowed Dwi to complete his studies.

“Intellectual development is part of personality development for inmates. Therefore, the Yogyakarta Class IIA Prison responds quickly when there are inmates who want to finish their studies. So far, we have paid great attention to intellectual development by providing equivalence education Packages A, B, and C, in collaboration with the Yogyakarta City Learning Activity Center (SKB), and every year there are WBP who graduate from school, both Package B and Package C, “added Sukamto.

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Strive for Maximum Amid Limitations

Illustration of trying hard (Photo: Yukepo)

Not wasting the opportunity, Dwi then tried his best with all the limitations to complete his studies. Until, finally managed to undergo a thesis trial and graduated to get a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering after graduation on Saturday (27/02/2021).

“I am infinitely grateful to be able to finish my education. Allah loves me, because it puts me near people who understand the importance of education. It has become part of my life’s journey to become a graduate in prison,” said Dwi.

Arimin, Head of Yogyakarta Class IIA Prison, hopes that the title that Dwi gets will be useful in making him a better person in the future.

“Hopefully it will not be wasted, it must be able to bring benefits to him and others, of course to live a better life,” concluded Arimin.

Amaze! Completing Thesis in Prison, Wirogunan Prison Inmates Finally Become Bachelors

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