Among US Proximity Chat: Voice Feature, Here’s How to Use it

Enter US proximity chat

close chat between us — Game Among Us does not yet have a voice chat feature. This makes some gamers who want to grow up have to use applications such as Discord to be able to do voice chat.

This is what prompts people to bring Between Us Proximity Chat Mod.

Among Us Proximity is a mod version of the game Among Us in which you can use the voice chat feature.

Enter US proximity chat
Enter US proximity chat

For those of you who don’t want to bother using Discord or other applications, you can use the Among Us Proximity mod.

In this article, we will show you how to use Closeness Between Us to be able to talk Between Us.

Between us Closeness

Among Us Proximity is a mod that can only be used in the PC version of Among Us.

Unfortunately, Android and iOS users still can’t feel the Proximity Between Us.

You can use Affinity Between Us using additional applications such as Mumble or other applications.

However, today we are going to give you the easiest way to use Proximity Between Us. If you want to use Among Us Proximity Mod easily, you can use the CrewLink application.

We will tell you how to download and install the CrewLink app to play Among Us.

How To Download Proximity Between Us

To download Affinity Between Us, you must access the link

After entering the github site, you can download CrewLink-Setup-XXXexe.

Since currently the latest version of CrewLink is version 1.1.2, you only need to download CrewLink-Setup-1.1.2.exe.

How to install Entre Nós Proximity

How to install Among Us Proximity CrewLink is not much different from installing an ordinary application.

It’s just that if an antivirus is blocking the installation process, you can disable the antivirus first.

Because in some cases, Among Us Proximity is sometimes considered a virus even though this application doesn’t carry a virus.

How to use the closeness between us

Once you have finished downloading and installing Among Us Proximity, you should know how to use it. Here’s how to use proximity between us:

  1. First, make sure your laptop or computer has the latest Among Us application installed. Because Among Us Proximity CrewLink will only work if you are using the latest version of Among Us.
  2. Open the CrewLink application that you installed earlier.
  3. If your computer detects the CrewLink application as a virus, you can ignore the antivirus warning.
  4. After the CrewLink application opens, you can press the Open Game button.
  5. Join or host a game on Among Us.
  6. Open the CrewLink app, hit the settings button on the top right and tick Voice Activity to enable voice chat.
  7. To be able to chat with friends on Among Us, your friends must also use the CrewLink Proximity Among Us application.

That’s all we can say about the closeness of the chat between us. I hope that in the future the voice chat feature will actually be introduced in the Among Us game.

That’s all we can say, enjoy playing Among Us Proximity Chat.