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“Tomorrow at 5 am we will go,” said Tony, at half past twelve at night, after a tiring journey, he was still with the Terios 7 Wonders team from Kandangan for 200 km for 5 hours. Mom!

Why does it have to be 5 in the morning? What are we after in this Amuntai huh? It turned out to be just…. a buffalo. WellNot only that, this buffalo is a special buffalo. Don’t use eggs though. Buffaloes grazing in the middle of this swamp have unique abilities. He can swim men! Yes, yes, if you can’t drown, your house is in the middle of a swamp, hehe!

Amuntai swamp buffalo. Photo by Barry Kusuma

The swamp buffalo is a typical animal in Amuntai, South Kalimantan. Animal named latin Bubalus bubalis We can find this in the Lake Panggang sub-district. This buffalo is grazed in the swamp area and also kept in an open cage in the middle of the swamp! Therefore, swamp buffalo herders have to use small boats to keep an eye on their livestock.

Morning fog plus smog in Amuntai

However, when we reached Amuntai, we faced quite a challenge: smog and a receding river. As a result, the boat we use cannot move fast. Not only was visibility a few meters difficult, the receding river forced us to walk slowly.

The Terios 7 Wonders team passed through villages that were neatly lined up in the middle of Panggang Lake. The village consists of houses on stilts connected by wooden bridges. I also saw the villages of several houses of worship and schools. More or less like the Bajo tribe, but this is on the river. The villagers usually have motorboats to support their daily movements.

A trip down the misty Panggang Lake River
Fog oh fog…

When we got there, it turned out that we were late. The buffaloes had been taken out of their cages and were relaxing on the outskirts of the swamp. There were also some who were soaking in the water. However, we missed the special attraction. Actually wanted to wait for the afternoon when they returned to the cage, but unfortunately we had to catch up on time to the next place.

Buffalo that has been docked on the mainland. The fog is so thick 🙁

The cage is a pile of wood floating on the river. This cage is made of logs — including ironwood which we will meet in Kutai National Park later — which are arranged like a giant raft. For the floor, on top of the pile of wood was fitted with boards.

Raising a swamp buffalo is not a hassle. You see, these animals can find their own food and go home alone. Early in the morning, as soon as the sun rises, the herd of buffalo will come out of the cage, then plunge into the swamp to graze. All day, time is spent exploring and looking for grass. And marry. It’s really good to be kebo, ehehe.

Herding swamp buffalo.

The grass that is usually used as food for buffalo is grass that appears on the surface of the water. Every now and then its snout dives to scavenge the newly submerged grass stalks.

It is said that in the late afternoon, the herd of buffalo will return to the cage to rest. For us tourists, the life of this swamp buffalo is very unique. In some places, swamp buffalo are used as tourist destinations to attract tourists to come to the area.

Ah, it’s a shame I haven’t been able to see these buffalo swimming in the swamp. We also forgot to eat the caged ketupat which he said was delicious. It seems, I really have to come back here someday.

Let’s #FightSmoke
Life at the river
Gotong royong to lift the logs that block the road in the river
Life at the river
Off we go, continue to East Kalimantan!

Thank You!

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