Analysis of a Very Profitable Homemade Ground Coffee Business

Analysis of a Very Profitable Homemade Ground Coffee Business
Homemade Ground Coffee Business Analysis

let me home ground coffee business analysis based on my family’s experience.

So, two years ago my family got into this business. And you could say the results we get are very profitable.

So far, there are still many people who open a ground coffee business. Especially in the area where I live which in fact produces coffee. And now, the coffee yields on the plantation where I was born have beenexport to many cities.

I think, for those of you who want to open a ground coffee business, don’t hesitate to start. Because, the more you come here, the more new cafes appear. And they sometimes look for retail coffee grounds. And it’s certainly suitable for those of you who will open their business at home.

Initial capital for a home-based ground coffee business

For the initial analysis, we will talk about capital first.

This is the initial capital you need to spend. Maybe this year the price of the equipment is different, so I follow the example of my family’s experience two years ago.

Roast machine 1250000

Milling machine (cheapest) 1500000 (this is cheap, but good)

350000 . packaging

Coffee beans about one million more, 1100000 lah

Electricity and others just round 500000

Total: 5600000

So, for initial capital, let’s say six million. It won’t be more than that. Can be cheaper and more expensive, this depends on where we live.

Tips for marketing ground coffee at home

Capital that has been issued can be covered, either for three or four months, this depends on how you market it.

Let’s see how my family promotes this business.

1. Accept the purchase of ground coffee wholesale and retail

This is a marketing technique that until now is often done by coffee powder business actors. They can not only order through wholesale, but retail is also accepted.

Why so?

Because there is a lot of competition. If you only rely on retail or wholesale, the results obtained will not be optimal.

2. Coffee packaging must be attractive

Nowadays nothing is uploaded to social media. Likewise coffee lovers, when they buy ground coffee with attractive and eccentric packaging, they immediately make a story. This is what my family experienced at that time, many posted the packaging of our ground coffee business so that it was famous.

3. Open reseller and dropshipper

In order for a business or business to be wider, these third tips are still appropriate to use. Since my family lives in Garut, we also opened resellers and dropshippers for the city of Bandung, Tasik, and around West Java. So, use this marketing technique.

4. Meet the target of stalls and cafes

One of them is cooperation with stalls and cafes. Then fulfill their desires and targets. The stall I mean here is a souvenir shop.

5. Become a supermarket partner

This fifth tip is worth trying, even though the procedure is difficult. But, look at some areas, there are already many Alfamart and Indomart that store coffee packaging for sale.

The results of the analysis of the home-based ground coffee business

From the initial capital to doing at least the four marketing methods above, my family earned a monthly income of at most three million at that time, at most two million and over two hundred thousand. This is because there are only home-based and small businesses, plus there are many competitors.

The results obtained are the total revenue minus the total operating costs. Let’s say coffee sales totaled nine million, had marketed here and there using the support of many people, then reduced the initial capital of six million. The result is three million per month.

For prefix mah, reasonable. Here he is thinking, thinking, and thinking, the income is stable at five million.

How? Very profitable, right?

How to determine good coffee beans so you don’t lose

In order not to suffer losses from bad coffee beans, I want to give you at least three ways to determine coffee beans. Because, before coffee becomes powder, it was originally in the form of seeds first. So, I need to write it down.

1. Check out the coffee sample first

I see that, usually coffee shops don’t give ready-made coffee samples. Therefore, choose a store that is honest with its buyers. This is because of the taste, aroma, and texture, you can see for yourself later.

2. Visit many coffee shops

Try to visit as many coffee sellers as possible. This is because the quality of coffee from seller A and B is different. The more you visit the coffee bean, the more you will be able to compare. When it feels right, you can feel it later. After that, look for all types of coffee beans and their prices.

3. Research all about coffee

When you start a home-based coffee grounds business, of course you need to know everything about coffee. Moreover, you have really plunged into the coffee business, you need foresight when choosing it. So, research everything. Starting from the price, type, quality, supplier, and also how to process coffee so that it is addictive for lovers.


Although this home-based ground coffee business analysis is simple, I’m sure you’ve got the picture. Especially just explore the marketing tips. Without good marketing, your business will not thrive.

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