Analyzing How Strong Admiral is in One Piece

Admiral is a term for those who have enormous power. Of course, to become an Admiral you must first enter the Navy and must meet several requirements. Well this time we want to invite you to discuss how strong the Admiral is in One Piece.

As usual, before getting into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article draws on information from existing sources. Still curious? Alright, let’s start the discussion.

The following is a discussion of how strong the Admiral is in One Piece

1. Have Strong Haki

Have Strong Haki
Possess Strong Haki ©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

First, to become an Admiral, the candidate must possess and master strong Haki. The problem is that in the world of One Piece, Devil Fruits are the main weapon, while some Devil Fruits can’t be touched if you don’t use Haki.

So for a person who stands in the front row and fights strong enemies, Admiral must be an expert in using Haki. During the Battle of Marineford, 3 Admirals demonstrated their Haki and resisted Whitebeard’s earthquake waves.

class="ez-toc-section" id="2-mempunyai-buah-iblis-yang-kuat"/>2. Has a Strong Devil Fruit

Has a Strong Devil Fruit
Possess a Powerful Devil Fruit©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Next is to have a strong Devil Fruit, actually to be an Admiral you don’t have to have a Devil Fruit. It’s because Garp is not a Devil Fruit User but he often gets offers to be promoted and he often refuses.


that, Devil Fruits are actually strong, depending on how they use them. So the purpose of this second point is to be strong not because of their strength, but being able to take advantage of the strength they have as much as possible.

class="ez-toc-section" id="3-tidak-takut-kepada-siapapun"/>3. Not Afraid of Anyone

Not Afraid of Anyone
Fear No One|©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Next, the Admiral is not afraid of anyone, of course this must be owned by all members of the Navy, because if they are afraid of the enemy, who will protect the community?

Well, this Admiral’s courage has indeed been tested, because when the Marineford war occurred, they did not waver even though the opponent was Yonko Whitebeard. Even Akainu had attacked the Yonko, so Whitebeard got serious injuries.

4. Must have a strong physique

class="wp-block-image size-full">Must Have a Strong Physique |  how strong is Admiral One Piece
Must Be Physically Strong ©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Then the Admiral has a strong physique, well of course this is very natural and must be owned, because they are the main weapon of the Navy which always fights strong people.

In addition, when the fight between Akainu and Aokiji took place at Punk Hazard, they fought for 10 days in a row. Of course, from here we can tell, if they have great stamina and strong body resistance.

5. Of course you have to be smart

Of course you have to be smart |  how strong is Admiral One Piece
Must Be Smart ©Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation

Lastly, Admiral must be smart, because Admiral is a high position. So if you become an Admiral but you are not smart, of course your subordinates will underestimate and every time there is a big war you will lose.


if that happens, his position as Admiral will be threatened. In addition, during the Marineford war, Akainu had incited one of Whitebeard’s men and made Whitebeard’s subordinates attack the Yonko.

That’s the discussion about how strong the Admiral is in One Piece. So after reading this article, what do you think? Then if you want to add other important points, just comment.

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