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Harbor waiting room

I was surprised when I first entered the Gapura Surya Nusantara (GSN) passenger terminal in the Tanjung Perak Port area of ​​​​the city of Surabaya. Is this a port or an airport? How cool is that?

Even if this is an airport, the conditions really make Soekarno Hatta Airport feels like a joke. Ha ha! The interior design is modern, the waiting room is comfortable, there is fast wifi (that’s enough for passengers like me to be happy), there’s an aerodrome, and there’s a hangout on the rooftop of the harbor where we can have beautiful coffee while watching PELNI ships and yachts passing by.

The place where there is a big sign “Surabaya North Quay” is also decorated with artificial grass plus a bean bag if you want to relax. This place is open to the public not only for ship passengers. But remember guys, if you think about going up here in broad daylight, because it’s hot in Surabaya, you’ll know that, hihi.

Above there are cafes, restaurants, and relaxing places
Waiting for the ship to leave

Maybe if you want to go cheaply to Raja Ampat, you can take the PELNI ship from this port which is still part of Tanjung Perak! But yeah, it does take time. But if you are relaxing and having a long vacation (especially students who are cool but want a vacation), this ship can be an alternative long-distance transportation.

While the weekend
If it’s daytime, just wait inside the air-conditioned one, hihi.
Front view of the terminal. Photo by uncle Barry Kusuma
Can relax here.

Speaking of holidays, Pelindo III, a state company that holds ports in Indonesia, is also helping the integrated maritime tourism infrastructure in Banyuwangi, Bali and Labuan Bajo.

These areas are equipped with marina facilities for docking yacht (tourist sailing ship) internationally. Bali and Indonesia’s 3 leading destinations can be accessed from ports managed by Pelindo III, namely Bali – Benoa Harbor, Borobudur – Tj Emas, Bromo Tengger Semeru – Tj Perak & Tj Tembaga, Mandalika – Sheets, Labuan Bajo – Komodo Marina.

Ah, so I want to buy a yacht to take you on a trip :’)


Take a Tour Boat Crossing the Madura Strait

Still at Tanjung Perak Harbor, my fellow bloggers and I were invited by PT. Pelindo 3 to take a walk around the port, board a Cruise ship called Artama 3. Although from the outside it looks like an ordinary ship, the inside is more or less like a yacht!

On the Artama ship crossing under the Suramadu Bridge

This ship is only available on Sundays from 9 to 11 noon with a rate per person of 120 thousand rupiah. The route starts from Tanjung Perak Port, Container Terminal, Cultural Heritage Building Surabaya Harbor, Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument, Suramadu Bridge, then turns back to Tanjung Perak again. We can see the activities of the ships up close. You can go to their website if you want more information.

The captain of the Artama 3 ship turned out to be a woman

The first minutes on this ship I spent on the deck of the ship. Since it was getting hotter, I moved downstairs which looked more like a cafe than a ship’s cabin. Along the way, information on guides to places that are passed, such as the Surabaya container port with international standards will be played.

I also chatted with one of the Pelindo 3 staff. He had told me that once upon a time the cost of sending goods per unit could be cheaper from Jakarta to Europe than Jakarta to Ambon. Hah? Gile. Well, they say our ancestors were sailors, right? But how much do we know about ports?

However, it seems that our focus changed a bit when one of the crew asked us, “Do you want karaoke?”

Instantly party mode ON! Ha ha ha!

Duh, there is Ms. Biduan
At the front of the ship

When we passed the Jalesveva Jayamahe monument, we all went upstairs. The monument in the form of a Navy officer complete with a sword of honor looking out to sea ready to challenge the waves and storms in this ocean that triumphed in the ocean tells the Indonesian navy’s slogan: “In the Ocean We Are Glorious!”

Past the Jalesveva Jayamahe monument. There is a handsome man in the silhouette.
See the Suramadu Bridge
Cross the Suramadu Bridge before turning back

Throughout the port, I saw the role of Pelindo 3 in generating Indonesia’s maritime potential. The nation’s competitiveness will certainly increase if it is not burdened by logistics costs. For this reason, Pelindo III has developed a number of modern terminals at the Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya, namely the Surabaya Container Terminal with international standards. There is also Teluk Lamong Terminal which operates semi-automatically, there is no need for an operator on a crane and no humans are allowed to enter while operating, making this area so without unnecessary accidents. In addition, JIIPE (Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate) is being built as an efficient industrial area because it is integrated with port facilities.

All these efforts are carried out by Pelindo III to continue to improve logistics integration in the country so that there is a balance between the western and eastern regions of Indonesia. Because Surabaya is the point of Indonesia’s maritime revival which is a bridge in the middle of the archipelago.

Crane system that works automatically
Crane monitoring room
Good afternoon from Tanjung Perak

Thank You!

…continued in the next post.

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