Android Application Business Turns Out To Be Generating Rupiah Coffers, You Know!

Android App Business Applications play an important role in smart phones. The presence of interesting applications that can be uploaded on Android and iOS seems to be a savior to facilitate human life in the digital era.

Now humans can easily communicate and see the lives of others through social media applications, ordering food or taxis can also use applications, even ordering plane tickets or hotel rooms, all of that can be done in one hand. Try to compare it with the past 10 years, where applications supporting convenience like this are still very minimal.

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Research in 2016 showed that smartphone users spend 900 billion hours using apps. The same thing is also shown by the total downloads which reached 90 billion downloads.


fact, applications on smartphones is a lucrative business in the eyes of its developers. Do not be surprised if the Android application business can be used as a profitable future asset, because of its massive use among the community.

The initial step to invest in the Android application business is to prepare an application that can be uploaded by smartphone users on the Play Store. The types of applications that are usually used are applications that support lifestyle or in the form of games.


between investors and application makers, commonly known as programmer, need to be done to release the app on Play Store. However, how do you publish an application to the Play Store so that you can generate rupiah coffers?


article about the Android application business will discuss the steps for publishing applications on the Play Store through the Google Play Developer Console account. Read the information until the end, yes, friend!

Register in the “Accept Developer Agreement”

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The first step to publishing an application on the Play Store is to create a Google Play Developer account. After you already have an account, you can register yourself in the “Accept Developer Agreement” section. When you have agreed terms and conditionscheck the box for approval.

Next, you will be directed to make a registration payment of approximately IDR 260,000. After that, then you will be guided to fill in complete data. If the registration process is complete, then you can access the Google Play Developer Console.

id="lakukan-proses-publikasi-begini-caranya">Do the publication process, here’s how

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Before publishing your application, make sure that your application is in a perfect stage and that there are no further revisions to be made. Unless you want to do the update process on application features at a later date, you can update the version.

When the app is ready, go to the main Google Play Developer Console page, then click the “Publish an Android App on Play Store” button.

The second stage is to include the application title and default

language which are desired. If you make it in Indonesian, then select Indonesian as default language.

The next step is to publish the application by clicking “Upload APK”. It doesn’t end here, bro. After that you need to make some adjustments to the settings in the store listing, such as whether this application can be downloaded for free or paid. You need to pay close attention to this part, yes. Because the application that if it is set can be downloaded for free at the beginning cannot be changed to a paid one at a later date.

Those are the steps to publish your application to the Play Store and earn rupiah coffers from this Android application business. If you are a programmer and decide to look for business opportunities in this field, make sure the application you develop has a use value that can actually solve the problems of its users.

In addition to preparing the application design carefully, you also need a place to introduce your design application to the public. By setting up a website landing page, there you can tell why your design application needs to be used.

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