Application to Find Android Phone by Whistling

Application to Find Android Phone by Whistling

looking for cellphone by whistling

When someone parks their car somewhere, you should activate the alarm so that it will be easy to find later. Thanks to advances in alarm lock technology, now many motorcycles have also been developed, of course, it aims to make it easier for motorists to find their vehicle in the parking lot. What if we forget to put our Android smartphone?

As of this writing, there is no smartphone brand that provides an alarm feature to find cellphones around us. Maybe you can with the help of GPS and even then you need to use a google account first and must be connected to the internet or with the help of a friend to call him.

Some people who are busy with work activities sometimes forget to put the most important things, namely gadgets, I myself was like putting my cellphone in my pocket but looking for it at a neighbor’s place. This often makes you worry that your phone will be lost, especially if it contains personal data and documents.

After accidentally seeing an app on the Play Store, suddenly an Android app called Whistle found a phone recommended. With this application, we can find nearby Android phones by just whistling, the cellphone will vibrate like an alarm that we have set.

Of course you have to download the application by clicking the button below:

File Size 7.9 MB
Android v6.0 and up
Apk Version 1.1.6

How to Find an Android Phone by Whistling

1. After you install the application, just open it

2. It’s very easy to use after opening in the main menu you can activate the Flashlight, Molody, and Vibration modes. When you hear a whistle or whistle, it will be active on your Android phone.

3. Press the button Power red to green, then you whistle to detect your voice.

Application to Find Android Phone by Whistling

4. You can also change the Melody sound and Sensitivity level with the Settings icon tab on the top corner.

Application to Find Android Phone by Whistling

This application can run in the background so even if you have removed the application and the internet network is turned off, it is still sensitive to your whistling sound.

Now try to put your cellphone in a dim state then whistlethen the phone will sound like an alarm, so that at any time you forget to put it will be quickly found by just whistling.

Other Applications with the Same Function

In addition to the applications above there are other recommendations with the same function, you find two more to be other choices, eg the first one does not match your device.

Find my device: whistle – find phone

This application can of course be easily installed via the Play Store, this will be useful if you are afraid of an urgent need, suddenly losing your device because you forgot to put it.

Have Feature which many, 3 of which are:

  • Gadget finder: easy & cool
  • Like a sound detector for android, but with a whistling search system
  • Solve the problem of your always missing device with loud whistling & searching, no maps or GPS navigation

Whistle Phone Finder

Is an application that is used to find your Android phone that you forgot where you put it. With just a whistle, Android will immediately beep by itself.

The advantages of this application include a lightweight application, able to find Android phones with a whistle, and we can adjust the sensitivity level. In addition, this application still works even if your phone is in silent or muted mode.

Addition : Not everyone can whistle well, of course it is necessary to use the help of a whistle to find it. If you’re asking if there’s any other way to find an Android phone besides whistling, of course there is. The answer is in How to Find an Android Phone with Applause.

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