Applying Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) Singapore Is Easy!

Now, tourists or tourists from Indonesia can visit Singapore! The way is through a special route, namely Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Singapore. How to apply-his? What are the requirements that must be met? Take a peek at my experience filing Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) to Singapore!

Finally, after a long wait, Singapore finally opened to visitors from Indonesia without having to quarantine.

Congratulations, especially for those of you who are LDR or have family in our neighboring country.

Exactly on the date November 22, 2021tourists from Indonesia can already apply for a visit to Singapore via the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL).

For own departure can only enter Singapore starting on November 29, 2021.

Spontaneously after I heard this information, I immediately learned and prepared myself to visit Singapore.

It turns out that it’s really easy to apply for VTL to Singapore. The process is also fast.

Well, I will summarize how to apply for a visit to Singapore via the VTL route and what are the requirements that you must fulfill!

Vaccinate Travel Lane (VTL) What is it?

So, for those who don’t know, Vaccinate Travel Lane is a special travel scheme provided by one country to another.

Tourists who are entitled to enter the destination country must also meet certain criteria, one of which is having received a full dose of COVID-19 vaccination.

Currently there are several countries listed on the VTL list such as countries in Europe, the United States, Australia, Korea, and others.

It’s just that the provisions are still different for each country.

As I mentioned earlier, Indonesia is finally included in the list of VTL countries.

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Terms of Visiting Singapore Without Quarantine Via VTL Jalur

Well, it turns out that not all Indonesian citizens (WNI) can visit Singapore via this VTL route.

There are several conditions or criteria that must be met in order to apply for a Vaccinate Travel Pass to visit Singapore:

1. Have been vaccinated and can show proof or certificate of vaccine

The first criterion or requirement is already get full vaccination (2x dose) at least 14 days before departure.

The vaccine in question is a vaccine that has been listed in WHO EUL vaccines (including Sinovac and AstraZeneca).

Children under 12 years of age may visit Singapore as long as they are accompanied by vaccinated visitors.

If you have been vaccinated, there will be a certificate automatically Care Protect app. Well, this should also be shown on arrival.

2. Traveling by Airplane / Airlines Specifics That Have Been Designated for VTL Jalur Paths

This is the part that is quite interesting. If you want to enter Singapore without having to quarantine, you must only use an airplane with certain flights.

So don’t get it wrong booking yes!

Currently serving flights for travel Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) only departs from Jakarta by using Garuda Indonesia (GA836) and Singapore Airlines (SQ953).

singapore vtl flight

But in OTA there are many flight other? Yes, maybe you can, but later in Singapore, you have to quarantine for 10 days.

Since there are only 2 flights, the price also goes up fast. So hurry up booking yes if you want.

3. Have good travel insurance Cover Covid-19

This is also one of the requirements that you must fulfill in order to enter Singapore without having to quarantine with the VTL Singapore route.

Tourists who wish to visit Singapore must have a travel insurance policy (travel insurance) with a clause that can cover Covid-19 of SGD 30,000.

Actually, not only Singapore, many countries already require foreign tourists to have travel insurance.

When I checked, the cheapest one was one of the insurances recommended on the site Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) Singapore, namely ChangiAssure Covid Insurance with a starting premium of SGD 24.

Well, you can just order online, the price is also cheap because it’s onlycover only if you have Covid-19.

Just because I thought there was a possibility of traveling to another country, finally I take out Allianz Annual Travel Pro insurance for a worldwide trip with coverage for 1 year.

That is quite a lot, not only Covid-19. The amount of premium I paid was around IDR 1.6 million only yes, it can be protected for 1 year and to any country.

4. Perform ART/PCR Tests before and after the flight

Just like traveling abroad, every tourist must also take an ART or PCR test (2×24 hours) and be declared negative.

Later, after arriving in Singapore, you have to test again at the airport.

For the PCR test in Singapore, you have to prebook and prepay on this site for a fee of SGD 125.

5. Stay Home Notice (SHN) or Self Quarantine While Waiting for Results

After carrying out the PCR test in Singapore, tourists must self-isolate, either in their own place of residence (if there is an apartment) or at the inns/hotels on this list.

It only takes about 1 day, if the PCR results come out and are declared negative, you can travel.

Later, from the airport to the inn, you can only take a taxi or a special grab to bring guests who have just come to Singapore.

Travelers can self-isolate at their place of residence with other household members, regardless of vaccination status or travel history.

However, for those who live with vulnerable and unvaccinated household members, it is better to self-isolate in rooms and minimize contact.

In addition, later you will also have to download the application called Trace Together.

6. Filling SG Arrival Card Online

Next, you also have to fill in the data in the SG Arrival Card form directly on lineminimum 3 days before arrival.

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Method Apply Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) Via the ICA Site

Well, if you have met the requirements above, then you must apply for an entry permit to Singapore named Vaccinated Travel Pass through the official website of ICA.

To get pass it’s free.

I myself apply Vaccinated Travel Pass first then after approve buy plane tickets.

The following are the steps for applying for a vaccinated travel pass through the ICA website:

1. Enter the official portal of the application Vaccinated Travel Pass

2. Click the “Create New VTP Application” button

how to apply for vaccinated travel pass singapore

3. Enter your name and e-mail

how to apply vtl singapore

4. Enter the OTP code sent to the email and CAPTCHA

experience applying vtl singapore

5. Enter the country of departure (Indonesia) and the date of departure

6. Fill in your personal data and save

singapore vtl document

Later there will be an OTP sent to the number WL. It’s just that when I try to fill in the data with the Indonesian OTP number it doesn’t come in.

So I used my girlfriend’s mobile number in Singapore and the OTP was sent there.

Less than 5 minutes I received a confirmation e-mail that my VTP approved!

Applying Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) Singapore Is Easy!

Checklist Documents to Bring on Arrival

Once again, I’ll summarize anything checklist Documents to be brought later upon arrival:

  • Passport
  • VTP document (soft/hardcopy)
  • Vaccination certificate (App Cares Protect)
  • Negative result of ART/PCR test (soft/hard copy)
  • Travel insurance (soft/hardcopy)
  • SG Arrival Card

Arrival Process in Singapore

Yuhu! Finally set foot in Singapore too! Oh yeah, before flying to Singapore just right check-in flight, the staff has asked all the related documents to fly to Singapore.

Well, when he got to Singapore, when he got off the plane there was a counter selling Singapore SIM cards (for $61) which later sent all the test results.

It’s quite expensive, in my opinion, you can actually buy it yourself outside the next day, because right at the airport, as I recall, I don’t need to fill in data related to cellphone numbers.

Before the queue for passport stamps, there is a staff who checks the SG Arrival Card.

Then, at the immigration counter, the officer checked my passport, vaccine certificate, and VTP.

If everything is okay, the officer will give you a green sticker which will be pasted on the shirt to indicate that we are entering through the VTL route.

Just follow the flow, there will be a PCR test post. After finishing, you can take a grab/taxi to your respective accommodation.

Before departure, I received an update on the latest regulations, which are 6x-4 days of self-test using a test kit at home, 2 days of ART at the clinic.

All information will be sent via e-mail.

Applying Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) Singapore Is Easy!

Those are more or less guidelines, criteria, requirements, and how to apply Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) in order to be able to visit Singapore without having to quarantine through the VTL route. Hope it is useful!

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