As a judge, Tasya Kamila is amazed to see the action of the finalists in ipadguides’s Children’s Stage


Don’t feel it, event Hi Mother’s Stage have reached the grand final stage, here. The Grand Final of the Virtual Children’s Stage HaiMotherwhich is included in the series of events Junio ​​BundaFestit will run from 3 to 5 December 2021.

On this day, Friday (3/11/2021), The Grand Final of the Virtual Children’s Stage HaiMother held for the category of Other Art Children’s Performances, starting at 14.30 WIB. A total of 10 finalists were present virtually via Zoom, which was connected to the judges at the Atrium Trans Studio Mall Cibubur. They fight for the 1st to 3rd place, Mother.

These talented finalists are Hana Aida Sahila, Luke Jozsua Danneil Lumunon, Isakha, Rinda Carisaa, Felcia, Aquilla Khairani Putri, Cisely Eiriene Rouli Haloho, Keisya, Kimberly Michelle Olivia, Evelien, and Priscilla Nazifa Joehana Putri.

Each finalist gets comments and assessments from the judges, namely the celebrity mother Tasya Kamila and Managing Editor HiBunda, Zika Zakiya. The event was opened by Kimberly, an 8-year-old boy who performed magic and gymnastics attractions. Even though she is only in the 3rd grade of elementary school, Kimberly has managed to amaze Tasya Kamila.

“Wow, that’s amazing, you can do magic and gymnastics too, floor exercises. You’re really great,” commented Tasya Kamila.

MotherFest 2021

The two mothers who were on the jury seats were also impressed by one of the talents of the other finalists, namely Priscilla, who was already good at bringing poetry with full appreciation. The ability of this 9-year-old boy amazed Mother Tasya and Mother Zika.

“Priscilla is very unique, isn’t she. Why choose literature for her talent?” Mother Zika asked.

“Because according to Priscilla, poetry is cool, Mother. With poetry, we can express. Priscilla learns from YouTube and is guided by Mother. Practice every day for one hour,” replied Priscilla.

Well, the moment you and your little one have been waiting for has finally arrived. The three winners of the Other Children’s Arts Performances have gone through a rigorous selection process from the judges. Mother Tasya and Bunda Zika were quite overwhelmed to judge because all the participants had great talents.

Of the nearly 900 total participants, these 10 finalists made it to the grand final round. In the end, the 3rd place winner in this competition went to Kimberly Michelle who performed a magic show. Then, Felcia won 2nd place with a talent for playing guitar.

Meanwhile, Luke Jozsua Danneil Lumunon who is good at playing drums managed to bring home the 1st place trophy. When he was crowned champion, Luke couldn’t hide his shocked face.

Grand Final of Children's Performance Other Art CategoryGrand Final of Children’s Performances Other Art Category/ Photo: Annisa Mutiara

Waaah, that’s great huh? The three winners of the Other Performing Arts Children are entitled to prizes in the form of BRI Junio ​​Savings with a total value of IDR 7,500,000. They also get a trophy, Mother. Congratulations!

Eitsss, the excitement of Junio ​​BundaFest will still be held for the next three days, you know. This event is specially dedicated to welcome the celebration of Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated on 22 December. HiMom hopes to give appreciation to Mother and Little One through many activities such as Children’s Performances, Talk Shows, Bazaars, Photo Competitions, and various entertainments.

“December is a very important month for women because December 22 is Mother’s Day. as the number 1 parenting media in Indonesia wants to celebrate Mother’s Day with mothers, through the Junio ​​BundaFest series of events. ipadguides also invites mothers to love themselves even though he is busy carrying out his role,” said Iin Yumiyanti, Chief Editor HiMom.

Apart from entertainment, you can also shop. Come on, attack the needs of children and households that are all cheap at Bunbastis Sale. There are 8 sessions that you can join to get a discount. It’s easy, Mom just stays download application HiMom on mobile to get a discounted price.

On the first day Junio ​​BundaFest, there are 2 Bunbastis Sale sessions that can be followed. Mothers can get a discount on all-Rp 15 thousand baby washing soap products at 15.00 WIB, and other products baby diapers IDR 40 thousand at 19.00 WIB. Don’t run out, Mother. Assault!

If you can’t come, Mother and Little One can still follow the excitement of the event through shows live streaming in Hi Mother’s website. Keep up with the fun Junio ​​Bundafest until December 5th, yes!



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