Assessed as having market potential, the three best teams steal the attention of the jury at the National 1000 Startup Movement Hacksprint Malang

Malang, March 20, 2017 – The National 1000 Startup Digital Malang Movement has reached the stage Hacksprint which was held at the A3 Hall Building, State University of Malang on March 18-19 2017 yesterday. For two days, 22 teams were required to make prototypes of the startup ideas they developed into a company prototype with a mature business model using the method design sprints.

Hacksprint is an advanced stage after phase Ignition and Workshop from the National 1000 Startup Digital Movement program series with Acer as the official technology partner. Method Hacksprint is a new generation of hackathon which is packaged more structured and directed by using the design sprints. In this phase, each team of 3-5 people will create a prototype of the product they want to create.

“Overall, I really like the enthusiasm of the participants of the National 1000 Startup Digital Malang Movement. Malang is still in the stage of building a startup ecosystem, but the enthusiasm of the startups there can be seen from their enthusiasm for participating in the 1000 Digital Startup National Movement,” he said.

said Fadli Wilihandarwo, CEO of Patientia, Sprint Master Hacksprint in Malang.

The various ideas which were considered quite unique by the jury did not necessarily make the participants proud. The mentors continue to force all teams to continue to validate their products. “Are the products made really a solution for many people or are they just answering their own (participant) problems,” explained Sandy Colondam, Co-founder of Picmix, at the judging. Besides Sandy, this time the Hacksprint jury included Leonika Sari (CEO of Reblood), Arianti Silvia (Senior Designer, PT Kreatif Media Karya), and Gatot Wahyu Widharto (Business Development, PT Beon Intermedia).

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style="font-weight: 400;">In session Final Pitch, there were 10 teams who had the opportunity to present the products that had been made in front of the jury. The 3 best teams have been selected with an assessment in terms of product readiness, business model, product design, to the solutions offered from the startup they made. Here are the three best Hacksprint Malang teams:

  1. LactaShare: Appropriate donor/recipient liaison platform and breastfeeding counselor shar’i which is guaranteed to be fast, precise, and safe, the first in Indonesia.
  2. Trash-Ure: Startup waste management from upstream to downstream, connecting waste owners and scavengers who find it difficult to find trash every day.
  3. The first toy auction site in Indonesia that brings together toy sellers and toy collectors in one auction site with an automatic auction system to bid.

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“Once again this is not a competition. The startup journey is still long. The hope is that after passing this stage all teams can focus more on the product they are working on. There are still stages Bootcamp and Incubation who are waiting,” concluded Tommy Herdiansyah, the founder of Code Margonda.

After Hacksprintparticipants of the National 1000 Startup Malang Movement will enter the next stage Bootcamp who have focused on product development to be able to enter the market. The entire team will also be facilitated with space to work and equipment in the Ngalup coworking space to access to other parties so that they can collaborate with their team.

About National Movement of 1000 Digital Startups

A movement to realize Indonesia’s potential to become The Digital Energy of Asia in 2020 by establishing 1000 startups that are solutions to various problems by utilizing digital technology.

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