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Update : I visited this hotel in April 2015. But now it seems the hotel has changed its name to BW Suite Belitung.

Aston Belitung is probably the tallest building in Belitung today. The buildings that look different on their own on the Tanjung Pendam beach make the budget homestays around it seem fragile.

One night here is around 800 thousand rupiah for two people including breakfast, of course the price far exceeds the surrounding inns which still have 100 thousand per night.

When I was in Belitung, I had the chance to taste several lodgings from cheap ones to this Aston. In Belitung, the groundwater is slightly brown in color. It doesn’t smell, it’s still clean, but it’s still not clear. New to this Aston I found water that looks clean and colorless.

Well, you get what you paid foranyway.

The front lobby is beautiful, I was a bit surprised because in the previous days I only stayed at a very simple homestay.

Front Lobby`

Maybe this Aston building is the tallest in Belitung?


For a standard room it is not too spacious for a four-star size, the decoration is also too minimalist, giving the impression of ‘something is missing’.

Not too wide. The TV wiring is a mess.
The view from my room. For rooms facing the beach, ask for the deluxe/premier/suite.

The position of the swimming pool is good, not too close to the restaurant. I like to swim in the morning when I’m at the hotel, but I don’t like it when people are ‘watched’ by people who are having breakfast. But unfortunately, the infinity pool is not felt because there is a fence that limits it.

For food and breakfast, only four star hotel standards. It’s delicious but the menu is standard, there is no typical Belitung food. Even though I wish I could eat more delicious Belitung noodles and Belitung coffee here.

So, if you go to Belitung, try this hotel overnight. Or if you bring your parents, are paid by the office, or have excess money, this Aston hotel will be your first choice.

Don’t forget, there are many things you can do in Belitung!

Thank You!

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