Audi Marissa Positive for COVID-19 With Her Husband and Baby: Please Pray


Previously, several celebrities such as Siti Badriah, Marsha Aruan, Omar Daniel, Maya Septha, Joshua Suherman, and Randy Pangalila had announced that they were positive for COVID-19.

Now more and more unpleasant news coming from the artist Audi Marissa. She and her husband Anthony Xie tested positive for COVID-19. Not only the two of them, the baby Anzel Maverick Xie who is barely 10 months old was also exposed, Mother.

This was revealed by Audi via uploads on Instagram Stories. Audi shared a photo of himself, Anthony and Anzel while sharing the results of the three PCR tests.

In his upload, Audi Marissa asked for prayers so that the condition of his little family could recover soon. “Please pray for me,” wrote Audi Marissa. Even so, he did not provide other information, such as what symptoms he felt or the latest condition of his little family.

The case of COVID-19 in Indonesia is indeed increasing. Before Audi, several other fellow artists also announced that they had been exposed to the virus.

They are Siti Badriah, Marsha Aruan, Omar Daniel, Maya Septha, Joshua Suherman, to Randy Pangalila.

Even Siti Badriah uploaded a selfie of herself while undergoing self-isolation. Her face looks lethargic, Mother. The 30-year-old dancer also showed the results of the PCR test he did.

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In the statement of the results of the test carried out on February 2, it was written that Siti Badriah was positive for COVID-19 with the probability or possibility of the Omicron variant.

In the next upload, Siti Badriah also showed the results of the PCR test belonging to her family members. There are 3 people who have tested positive for COVID-19, including Siti Badriah.

In fact, he admitted that he almost never went out of the house during the pandemic. Only her husband, Krisjiana Baharudin, still regularly travels to film. READ THE FULL NEWS HERE.

Also check out the video about 8 scientific facts about Omicron below:

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