Baby’s Weight Has Adjusted to the Birth Canal

Jakarta – Welcome to your 36th week of pregnancy. This means that you have entered the beginning of the 9th month of pregnancy. Yes, that’s right, soon you will meet the much-awaited little baby.

Launching from the page What to ExpectMother’s baby who will be born soon is listening to the outside world a lot more these days. You can talk to him more often. Don’t be surprised when the baby responds with movement, Mom.

The position of the baby is also getting ready to be born. At 36 weeks pregnant, the baby will descend lower into the mother’s pelvis to find the birth canal.

This last month may bring extra joint flexibility causing your pelvic pain. This condition occurs because hormones that loosen and soften these joints appear before delivery.

From growing nails to strong, healthy bones, your baby is growing rapidly during this last month of pregnancy and is starting to prepare for birth. You can take several steps to make sure you’re really ready too, from packing a maternity bag to choosing a pediatrician.

Here are things you should know at 36 weeks of pregnancy, including how your baby is developing to what pregnancy symptoms you feel. Here’s the baby’s development at 36 weeks pregnant, Mother quoted from the page Healthline.

1. Fetal size

Your baby now weighs about 6 pounds and is 18 to 19 inches long. Growth will slow in the coming weeks, so your baby can adjust through the egress during your next delivery.

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2. Skull and bones of the fetus

At 36 weeks pregnant, your baby’s skull bones have not yet fused so that the head can easily adjust through the birth canal. Your baby’s skull isn’t the only soft structure in her little body.

Most of the bones and cartilage are also quite soft, allowing for easier passage into the world during delivery. But don’t worry, it will harden during the first few years of its life.

3. Baby’s digestion is still developing

By now, many of your baby’s body systems are mature enough, at least in infancy, and almost ready for life outside. Blood circulation, for example, has been perfected and the baby’s immune system has developed enough to protect your little one from infections outside the womb. However, others still need some finishing touches, such as their digestive system.

Why? Inside your tummy, your baby relies on the umbilical cord for nutrition, which means that the digestive system, while developing, is not yet operational. It will take your little one a year or two to perfect.

“The baby’s digestion will actually not fully mature until some time after birth. But it will be more perfect in the first year to the second of the little one,” said Debra Rose Wilson, an obstetrician based in the United States quoted from the page. healthline, Thursday (20/1).

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