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The roar of the waves at the Sawarna beach managed to call me back to greet him for the second time. I still remember when I first visited Sawarna: the beautiful stretch of white sand on the Ciantir beach, the natural aquarium in the Pari Lagoon, and the majestic rock sails.

This time I want to enjoy sawarna up close. Therefore, I chose a five-star hotel right on the beach. Not just a five-star hotel, but a million-star!

That afternoon, after enjoying transportation typical of the interior of Java for several hours, we arrived at the gate of the village of Sawarna.

For some reason, it feels like home. No, not because I am a dolphin that has returned to its habitat. But indeed the unspoiled places in this beloved homeland always make me want to visit them again and again.

Our adventure starts from the suspension bridge of Sawarna village. Actually the bridge is normal, but when I finished crossing the bridge, I felt a pretty good earthquake! I was paralyzed before I realized it was just the effect of crossing a swaying suspension bridge.

Once again I set foot on Ciantir beach. The vast expanse of white sand and the afternoon sun greeted us. Like a tourist uncouth I immediately took a pose to take a picture.

The beach was pretty quiet at that time, maybe because I didn’t come at that time weekend. I just ran into a few people who were also from Bandung.

In the distance we saw a stone sail standing tall. That’s where our tent will stand. I slowly walked towards it. I let my feet come into direct contact with the soft ciantir beach sand, I haven’t felt a sensation like this in a long time.

Even though it’s rainy season, but for some reason we don’t feel rain at all in the sawarna. In fact I felt very hot in the tent and then I moved to sleep outside.

Covered with millions of stars, this heart feels peaceful. It’s very beautiful. The stars seem to remind me to be grateful for all His blessings.

In the morning I walked along the east side of Sawarna beach. Starting from Tanjung Layar to the east, the beach is dominated by coral, no longer white sand. Use sandals for comfort.

A little walk from Tanjung Layar beach, we will find a lagoon. People here call it Lagoon Pari. The sea here is very calm because the famous sawarna waves have been held back by large rocks in the middle of the sea.

Lagoon Pari looks like a normal lagoon. But take a closer look, pay attention to the crevices. So we can see beautiful small fish here. Pari Lagoon is a natural aquarium in Sawarna!

We walked along the stingray lagoon until it turned into a wave beach again. On returning to Cape Layar, we passed the hills above for a detour. Got lost here, but there was a kind farmer mother who guided us to the right path. Her name is Eti’s mother, thank you Mom!

There really isn’t much to do here. During the day we just cook, sleep in the hammock, drink coconuts and chat. But that time I really enjoy sawarna to its fullest!

The next day we went along the west coast of Ciantir. Based on instinct crazy I, I think that if we walk all the way to the west end of the beach and then up the hill, we will reach Bayah City. My three friends innocently followed my wishes waahahaha *laughs evilly*

The trip became quite hectic. I passed through an estuary that was quite swift and deep, so we walked while holding on to each other so as not to be carried away by the current. The estuary looks shallow, but getting closer to the middle it almost touches our waists. As a result, our last pants were all wet.

Still walking along the coast when we decided to cut the road to a residential area. Again have to cross the river. But this time the river was calm, unlike before. “Ah, just like this, I thought,” I thought.

With confidence, I immediately jumped into the river to cross. It turns out that the river is muddy! And the mud smells of sewer. And with this I have succeeded in making my body that has not bathed in two days smelly.

After asking the locals, it turns out that Bayah City is still far away! still about 10 km to go. Finally, an ojek driver approached us and offered a ride to the bayah. We also agreed that 20 thousand rupiahs were up and we could stop on the road to take photos hehe.

The scenery while traveling is very exotic. There are so many clean beaches that are very interesting to visit, such as Karang Taraje or Pulo Manuk. In fact, I saw a pink sandy beach. I don’t know if this is true or just my imagination.

Arriving at bayah, we looked for elves to Sukabumi. Actually, there is one destination that we haven’t visited yet, namely Papuma beach, about six kilometers from downtown Bayah. Time is also the limit for us to visit there, save it for next time!

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