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A few weekends ago I took my sister to Bali.

It’s a pity, this brother has almost visited all the provinces in Indonesia, but hasn’t his younger brother been to Bali either?

Finally I ordered a plane ticket to Bali. As usual I boarded my favorite airline AirAsia.

There are several payment options on the AirAsia website, such as direct debit, credit card, and other electronic payment methods such as DOKU e-Wallet. Incidentally, I still have sufficient balance in DOKU, so I tried to use this payment method.

PsstActually, you can call it NgetripHoki, because when you get a discount when you pay with DOKU haha!

It’s very simple, just login and enter the pin that we created in the app, and I can pay for this one hour and forty-five minute flight. More concise than having to transfer. Moreover, my credit card limit is not sufficient because the end of the month hihi.

Then I need a hotel. If you want to relax and be spoiled, I usually look for a good hotel for staycation. Four stars at least if possible. If there are many activities outside, just a standard hotel like on poppies line enough.

This time I want to try a four-star hotel that is quite affordable in Kuta. The location is not exactly in the hustle and bustle of Kuta beach, but shifted slightly to Jl Dewi Sri. The name is Hotel Fontana.

The hotel has a minimalist style with thick white and monochrome accents. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the room balconies surrounded by coconut trees so that it reinforces the tropical impression.

Still from the balcony
Seafood Platter at Portobella bistro, Italian restaurant in this hotel. Very fresh!

If the restaurant is Italian-themed, it’s different with a Japanese-themed spa. Some family type rooms also have the interior of this country of the rising sun.

When I went to the spa, I found some Japanese tourists waiting in line. Maybe this hotel is one of their favorites huh?

Oh yes, when I booked this hotel I also used the DOKU e-Wallet for the payment transaction. Doku keeps almost all my travel transactions simple. My wallet is so light because I don’t have to carry that wrinkled change sheet!

Japanese interior style room at Fontana hotel
Spa on the rooftop is also Japanese architectural style

Where have you been in Bali?

If we’ve been to Bali a few times, there must be a bit of boredom with places that are really touristy. I prefer to hangout at a cafe or beach club with friends.

Or the best thing is to just read a book while relaxing beside the swimming pool. Because Bali is really a holiday, everyday feels like Sunday. That’s why I never get bored here.


Let’s start with the first cafe in Seminyak. Mexico Motel. It’s called a motel, but it’s actually a cafe and bar.

The interior is typical Latin America adorn the motel mexicola. I came during the day so the central area isn’t open yet. I ordered the vegetarian tacos which tasted very sour. Lucky drink pineapple juice and fresh coconut can treat it.

If you like drinking, come to this cafe after sunset, because the communal area is only opening after nightfall.

Mexicola Bali
Mexicola Bali
Mexicola Bali

The second place I wanted to visit was Cafe Gusto Gelato in the north of Kuta. Turns out it tasted really good! The gelato texture is very soft and dense, the sweetness is just right, not too much, and the place is quite spacious.

Oh yeah, because I don’t rent a car, I take taxis or online motorcycle taxis everywhere like Grab. Because the payment method is very easy without having to carry cash. For example, paying for Grab using GrabPay which can be topped up using the DOKU e-Wallet. Again very simple. This DOKU e-Wallet can also be used for payments at convenience stores such as Alfamart or Lawson.

The menu at Gusto Gelato is quite unique. In addition to standard flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, there are also flavors of Indonesian spices such as lemongrass, ginger, and cinnamon. There’s also something a bit more extreme, such as chili and wasabi flavored chocolate!

Gusto Gelato
Cones or Cups?

It’s normal to see the sunset on Kuta beach or Seminyak, from the beach or cafes like La Plancha and its surroundings. This time I tried to see the sunset from an unusual view, from above.

Moonlite cafe Bali

If you have a hotel that happens to be facing Kuta/Seminyak beach, you are in luck. But if not, you can still feel the panorama of this beach from a height at Moonlite Cafe.

It is located right on the edge of the Seminyak beach, there is an elevator from the roadside directly to the fifth floor where this cafe is located. The rooftop of this cafe is very instagram-able. Too bad it was raining when I was there.

Too bad it’s cloudy 🙁

There’s still the sun hide-and-seek

At Moonlite cafe, payments can also be made using the QR code method via Doku Swallow. Just scan the QR code at the cashier, the payment is complete. Really #NgetripHockey this time, you don’t need to take out your wallet! (the money still comes out but through the DOKU app hihi).

See you again Bali for the next spoiled leyeh-leyeh in Bali!

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