Based on experience, this is how to earn money in CSP Mine

How to Earn Money in CSP Mine

Mining is one of the activities that I do regularly. And recently, when I examine it, many people are talking about applications related to mining activities, namely the CSP Mine application.

Well, since I’ve already downloaded this application and have also played, I then want to share experiences with you about how to earn money in CSP Mine.

Little information that out there, there are rumors that claim that CSP Mine does not pay or is a scam. Then, there are also those who say that this application is truly trusted.

So, which one should you believe? I think you should believe the same user Experienced CSP Mine. One of them is me.

Alright, right away, here’s a full review or review of the CSP Mine application and how to generate dollars.

What is CSP Mine?

It should be underlined first that to earn a lot of income here, you have to make an investment or deposit first. By investing, then you can do a mining program.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to run mining activities in this application. Just 1 dollar or 14,000 rupiah, you are free to play. That’s what I’ve experienced when accessing mining programs through the CSP Mine application.


CSP Mine itself, as short as I understand it is an application for mining. Just that. You can use it to make money by running several tasks.

These tasks can then increase your income in this application. The reason is that by completing the available tasks, the dollar will also increase to your CSP Mine account.

How to earn money in CSP Mine?


is the core question of this post.

To answer this question in detail, take a look at some of the guides to making money in CSP Mine below.

1. Every day log in CPS Mine

After registering in this application by filling in all the data provided by CSP Mine, as well as being officially verified, it’s a good idea to log this every day.


logged in, you get points. Imagine if every day you log in, you will collect a lot of points. These points can later be disbursed in the form of digital money.

I think if you are serious about mining the CSP Mine apk, you will definitely log in.

2. Invite friends to join CSP Mine

Almost the same as applications that are emerging today, the solution to increase income is to invite friends. The difference is, in CSP Mine, one successful invitation, you will get 0.1 dollars.

The way to attract people to join this application, is that you have to share the referral code and then click invite friends. Most relevant, just invite friends who like to play mining. Or if you have your own community, that’s great!

Just tell me to join, let it be. It’s not active either. The important thing is to get extra money from the referral code.

style="text-align: left;">3. Invest in CSP Mine

The most to get money from CSP Mine, which is just when you invest. At least, this is based on personal experience. Because, the purpose of making this application, for mining enthusiasts. Not suitable for those of you who still don’t know how to play mining.

When you are mining, the more investment you spend, the more money you have. As simple as that.

How to make money in CSP Mine

Well, let’s say you’ve made a lot of money from CSP Mine. Or, you already know how to earn money in CSP Minethen you must understand how to increase the money.

Therefore, follow the steps below to withdraw your earnings in this apk.

  1. Please access CSP Mine and please make sure first that you are actually logged in
  2. Please open the home menu first, click pull
  3. Then, choose a method for withdrawing money
  4. Enter the nominal amount of money that you will withdraw (at least 1 dollar)
  5. Then enter your bank account number correctly and also the name of the bank account owner
  6. Finished. Click the Submit button

How to join or register in CSP Mine

Before going to conclusions, please understand first how to register. This is important for new users to be able to invest through this CSP Mine application. Please follow carefully how to register:

  • In the first step, first open the CSP Mine website
  • Please enter an active cellphone number
  • Click the “Send Code” button, then enter the code sent by CSP Mine
  • Don’t forget to enter your name and password
  • Click Register
  • If there is a code referralbefore clicking register, first enter the code

Conclusion about the CPS Mine application: Is this application reliable?

Based on my experience doing mining programs on this apk, so far CSP Mine is quite reliable. However, the CSP Mine application is not available on the Play Store. So, you have to visit the official website at: ..

I don’t recommend you if you don’t feel like mining here. Especially for people who dare to invest in an apk that may be classified as the latest and is still far from being trusted by many people.

However, if you only believe in my experience, you will feel extraordinary. Deposit here, then generate lucrative money. Please, if you want to believe more, you can play Neo, CashPop, Tiktok, and the like. However, the income here is a bit less than what we used to capitalize on.

Yes, the end of my words, I hope this post is useful. Please share articles on how to earn money in CSP Mine with people who like to play mining. Thanks!