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Starting from the failure of hunting on the famous mountain in East Java, I decided to go with my friends from SMK Telkom Jakarta for a walk to the south coast of West Java – Pangandaran.

Hunting this time can be considered a failure, because it only contains selfies. It’s a bit difficult if you go with a non-photographer. The schedule is definitely different. Usually, if you are with friends who like to take pictures too, during the day it is used for the scouting area. Then definitely get up early in the morning before dawn to look for the sunrise while people sleep. And busy after sunset taking twilight photos while other people have dinner (but don’t forget to pray maghrib 😀 )
Back to the streets, we departed from Bandung at 1 pm in 4 cars. Yes, because around 25 people participated. Traveling with a crazy driver through the southern route of Nagrek – Garut which makes me drunk and can’t sleep at all. But even though we were speeding, it turned out that we failed to see the sunrise.

What power, the light waits for no man.

Our first stop was Batukaras Beach, although it wasn’t as beautiful as Dreamland, the heat was still the same :D. The sun was already high making me less enthusiastic to take pictures. After all, my friends with faces that seem to say: “hero, hurry up, take my picture!!”, making me even more stifling.

Ok, that doesn’t need to be discussed. It’s better if we look at the photo below, the first image is an image made without a filter, then the next image is made using a CPL (circular pollrizer) filter. The CPL filter is very useful for removing reflections on objects so that these objects bring out their original colors.

I don’t do much here, just watch my friends play games and then there are naked people crazy Caucasians 😀 come and shoot us with a big video camera. What’s in the mesem is not clear..haha

Our next destination is the green canyon which turns out to be very close to the beach (Guess where..). Here we will go along the river with a boat with a capacity of 5 people and towards the green valley. Here we will be underground which will discharge groundwater.

At the end of the road, the tripod and the GND filter are already in place, but OMG IT’S HUGE!! The camera almost fell again, wow that’s really bad. The D40 took a rain shower again… 🙁 . Finally the photo failed, some of my friends walked down the green canyon by swimming. But because the camera was already in shock, it was wet and didn’t bring a change of clothes. Had to stay in place while waiting for the others..

Yes, never mind 😀

Oh yes, this is the photo that made me fall in love with the D40, a very natural flash exposure. Plus CPL is not natural but the important thing is that it’s nice to look at and my friends are really happy with that!

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