Be Careful, These 7 Habits Make Cell Phones Damage Fast – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? As usual Mimin will share interesting information, namely 7 habits that make you happy WL damaged quickly. Discuss about WL broken, you must think if later can buy a new one with a better series. In fact, the point here is how we take care of our own belongings starting from simple things.

Then, what habits do we unknowingly make our cellphones break? Come on, see the reviews and happy reading!

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Using a Charger Cable KW

Picture of the charger cable (Photo:

Habit of using cables charger KW or not original turns out to be able to make WL damaged quickly. Many use KW, because the price is much cheaper. Meanwhile, cable charger The original will be easily damaged if you don’t take good care of it, such as often bending or charging too often WL.

Then, the worse impact of using cables charger The most severe KW is an electrical short, causing a fire. Of course this is very self-defeating. Therefore, if your original cable is damaged, try to buy the original too. Remember Friend Zone, there is a price there is quality.

Using Powerbank KW

Image of power bank (Photo:

Powerbank is flexible and easy to carry anywhere, besides that it is also durable. Prices and brands also vary. There are those who prefer cheap powerbanks, but forget about the quality and impact on WL.

Even though the power bank that KW makes WL damaged quickly. The cause is output current that does not match WL that we have. Then, another impact is to make the battery quickly damaged or bloated.

So, if your activity requires you to use a power bank, choose one whose quality is guaranteed and from well-known brands. The price is indeed quite expensive, but again we have to pay attention to the risks of using it for WL.

Not Using Mobile Phone Protector

Pictures of cellphone casings (

Maybe many people still ignore using the casing WL. This habit can cause WL broken fast. Because, it will be easily scratched, then accidentally falling can cause the screen to crack until it breaks, and so on.

In addition, minor bumps can have a huge impact on performance WL We. Because, these cracks damage the engine and have the potential to cause major damage. Thus, it is risky to replace WL new.

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Pocketing the cellphone in the pocket of the pants

Illustration of pocketing a cellphone (Photo:

Size WL which fits in the pants pocket makes it easy for us to carry it everywhere. However, the habit of putting it in a trouser pocket makes WL damaged quickly, Friend Zone.

Also, the screen will be scratched and what’s worse WL can be bent. Especially with the current design that is getting thinner and fits the palm of the hand. Then, if it is bent, WL will be completely damaged or even exploded due to a faulty battery.

Leaving the Cellphone in Too Hot or Cold Conditions

Illustration of placing a cellphone on the dashboard (Photo:

WL in hot conditions is actually a natural thing, because the battery delivers the resulting energy to power the device. However, if the habitual Zone Friend lets WL in hot conditions, can cause it to break down quickly.

This happens when charging using a cable or power bank that has an inappropriate electric current. Then, it could also be due to playing too long WL constantly and exposed to the sun.

In addition, put WL on dashboard car can make it overheating. Not only hot temperatures you should avoid, but also temperatures that are too cold. On average, the phone’s internal temperature is around 37-43°C. Meanwhile, the recommended ideal temperature is 0-35°C.

Too Often Drop It

Illustration of a dropped cellphone (Photo:

Dropping habit WL can cause it to break down quickly. Even though the screen is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass, if it falls often it will still be damaged quickly.

In fact, maybe not only the screen is broken, but also the camera lens, socket earphones and fast charging is broken. Then, if the camera lens is damaged, then the image results blur and not as clear as a normal camera.

Splashed or Splashed by Water

Illustration of a cellphone exposed to water (Photo:

The last habit that causes WL damaged, i.e. splashed or splashed into the water. Who’s a hobby to bring? WL to the bathroom? Be careful, Friend Zone, don’t underestimate this.

Part WL it is already equipped with features waterproof and water resistant. However, many also do not have this feature. When WL splashed in water immediately turn it off and remove the SIM card, microSD, and battery. As for the implanted battery, dry it immediately with silica gel yes.

Be Careful, These 7 Habits Make Cell Phones Damage Fast

That’s a review of 7 habits that make WL damaged quickly. Be careful, Zone Friend, because taking care of your own belongings is very important, even though many underestimate it.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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