Be vigilant, parents’ mental health at home can trigger stress in children during a pandemic


It has been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic is still sweeping the world. Many changes have occurred, including changes in the situation at home. Besides us, as parents who are stressed, it turns out that children can also experience stress, you know.

However, you need to know, stress in children is slightly different from adults, if you are an adult, you can directly communicate what you feel. Meanwhile, children, they can not communicate well.

“Stress in children is usually triggered by what? It turns out that these children are very affected by the situation of their parents,” said child and adolescent psychologist Roslina Verauli in Instagram Live @ipadguidescomon Tuesday (8/2/2022).

So, according to Vera, when Mom and Dad have tensions with each other, the child will be very exposed. Moreover, if there is domestic violence (KDRT) that occurs. Children will observe and witness.

How to recognize a stressed child? Simply put, you can observe the children at home. Did they experience a change in behavior or not? For example, sleep becomes longer, sleep so intermittently or wake up frequently.

Vera said, this could also indicate the child is experiencing stress. Well, unfortunately, often parents do not understand if their child is stressed. On average, only 13 percent of parents are aware of stress in their children.

“So parents (many) don’t understand, there are children who withdraw. Then, at first he liked certain toys. Suddenly he didn’t want to anymore. His mood swings, cries easily, tantrums easily,” he said.

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“In fact, if Mother goes everywhere, she is followed. It’s time to go out of the house, yes, if you go to the toilet, Mother is often followed. Well, if you used to follow her, this time you don’t want to let go at all. This is actually a sign of stress in children. ,” said Vera.

As for their emotions, children tend to be angry and even feel that their parents don’t love them anymore. Vera said, children’s emotional appreciation can become negative when they experience stress.

Then, how do you deal with children’s stress at home during a pandemic? Back again to the parents, Bun, how parents and people at home support their children.

Well, the good news is, from the research results of Vera and colleagues, Indonesian families have quite good resilience, you know. Indonesian families are considered capable of overcoming the pandemic situation. This allows children to cope with stress and adapt quickly if they return to their usual routines, such as going back to school.

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