Beautiful Temple with Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Thailand is the country with the largest Buddhist population in the world. In Thailand alone there are more than 40,000 temples. When visiting Thailand, whether in a big city or rural area, you will definitely see several temples close together. One of the temples in Bangkok that you can visit is Wat Pho.

Get to know Wat Pho, the Famous Temple in Bangkok

In Thailand, the temple which is also known as “wat” usually consists of a complex with more than one temple building.

The architecture is also magnificent with roofs that carry Thai culture. A triangular stupa adorns the corner of the temple complex.

One of the largest and oldest temples in Bangkok is Wat Pho, also known as Temple of Reclining Buddha (The Temple with the Reclining Buddha).

Wat Pho was built in the 17th century when the Thai kingdom was still in Ayutthaya, which means this temple is older than the city of Bangkok!

temple in bangkok

Wat Pho is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Thailand. It is located close to other attractions such as Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddhaand City Pillar of Shrine.

This temple is very special because it is one of the temples with the highest status given directly by the Kingdom of Thailand. The temple is also home to more than 1,000 Buddha statues.

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The temple area is divided into several spots such as the main sacred courtyard for religious rituals. Then there is an area with stupas or also known as “chedi“.

And the most memorable spot is the temple with a lying Buddha statue.

The statue of the reclining Buddha depicts a history or story when the Buddha was sick and was about to go to Nirvana.

In memory of the Buddha, his followers built a statue in a reclining position.

buddha statue lying wat pho
Reclining Buddha Statue

This golden Buddha statue is 15 meters high and 46 meters long.

Around the hall there are 108 bowl-shaped containers where visitors can give money to charity and pray for good fortune.

On the outside of the main building, there are 71 stupas or chedi small containing the ashes of the royal family. Each chedi has an interesting motif.

In addition, there are many trees and other plants in the Wat temple area, making this area a comfortable place to visit.

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Chedi Wat Pho
Stupa or Chedi at Wat Pho

How to Get to Wat Pho

The temple is open to visitors daily from 8 am to 6.30 pm with a break from 12 – 1 pm.

How to get to Wat Pho is quite easy, only about 10 minutes on foot. You can also take the Chao Phraya River Express to Tha Thien pier.

wat pho buddha statue

Wat Pho Entrance Ticket Prices

Wat Pho entrance ticket price is 100 baht, or about 50,000 rupiah. Use closed and polite clothes when visiting this temple.

Here you can also try Thai Massage for 480 baht for an hour.


Don’t forget to visit Bangkok and visit Wat Pho Temple as well as other tourist destinations. Those are quick tips such as the price of admission, how to get there, and also some tours around this temple that you can visit.

If you have time, you can also visit the temples in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

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