Become a TikTok Competitor, Get In touch with Instagram Reels!

Become a TikTok Competitor, Get In touch with Instagram Reels!

As one of the most popular social media in the world, Instagram doesn’t seem to want to lose its prestige in pampering its users so that they feel at home for long using this application. Yep! After presenting the Instagram Shopping feature like e-commercethis time the application made by Kevin Systrom adds the latest feature, namely Instagram Reels.

When you try the Instagram Reels feature, of course you are familiar with how it looks when used. You wouldn’t have guessed wrong, the feature that was released in Indonesia at the end of June 2021 is very similar to a video application from China, namely TikTok.

Moreover, nowadays, the trend of making video content is very popular because it entertains and encourages many people to express their creativity to the fullest so that they can become famous and even earn coffers of money.

If for example the Instagram Reels feature is like Tiktok, what makes it different and how do you use it? is user experience does Instagram Reels offer better than TikTok? Let’s see the discussion below!

Become a TikTok Competitor, Get In touch with Instagram Reels!

Why Instagram Launched This One Feature?

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Maybe some of you think that Instagram really adapts various features from several other social media in one application. For example, such as the Instagram Stories feature which is similar to Snapchat, the IGTV feature with a longer duration like Youtube, and now, Instagram Reels is also adapting from the TikTok application.

So actually why does Instagram provide the Instagram Reels feature?

Reported from MesonIn fact, Instagram wants to innovate in developing Instagram so that it can meet the needs of its users.

Moreover, Instagram is not only used as a means of communicating and sharing stories of daily life online on linebut rather a business field that allows reaching hundreds to millions of Instagram users who have the potential to become loyal customer.

Because Instagram Stories are considered too monotonous, Instagram managers want a feature that can make Instagram users’ content look more attractive and attract the attention of many people.

With Instagram Reels, of course, the features provided make users content creator on Instagram increasingly spoiled in doing editing videos according to their creativity.

What Are the Advantages of Instagram Reels Over TikTok?

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At first glance, actually Instagram Reels and TikToK do not have a significant difference because in terms of appearance they are similar. However, there are a few differences that you will find when you compare the performance and quality between these two applications, namely:

  • Video resolution on Instagram Reels is much better than TikTok. Even though using smartphone or a high-quality camera, but the video processed from the TikTok application has a not so clear display
  • When using Instagram Reels for marketing purposes, of course, it makes it easier for business people to quickly introduce their products in terms of reach audience.
  • To make videos even cooler, Instagram Reels also provides features mixed audio and voice over as background music.

Although there are still many who compare the presence of the Instagram Reels feature with TikTok, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on how users use it.

From this discussion, you can see that the use of social media, especially in the digital era, has an important role in the life of modern society, right? Not only by changing the style of communication, but social media also makes it easy for business people to promote their business.

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