Before becoming a famous food vlogger, Mgdalenaf turned out to have studied criminology – Student Zone – Hello Friend Zone, have you ever? scroll social media timeline, you found the video review food? Definitely often. Usually, this activity is carried out by several food vlogger famous like Mgdalenaf, Tanboy Kun, Nex Carlos, and many more.

Para food vlogger it often presents content that is directly related to review the taste of the food, the location of the place of sale, to the price of the food. Mgdalenaf is no exception, he is also famous for his culinary content and the several businesses he runs.

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Mgdalenaf . Career Journey

(Photo: Instagram/Mgdalenaf)

Before being famous for his culinary content videos, Mgdalenaf or Magdalena was a student majoring in Criminology who was born in 1994. He is a graduate student from the University of Indonesia who focuses on the crime aspect.

Not intending to discontinue in the world of Criminology, Mgdalenaf actually found new, more promising opportunities in the digital world. Then, he tried and decided to create a Youtube channel.

Because he likes food and wants to taste Indonesian specialties, he is willing to set aside his own funds to fly around Indonesia. From here, he began to be diligent in creating content about culinary, one of which was mukbang.

Reaching Nearly 4 Million Subscribers Because of Food

(Photo: Instagram/Mgdalenaf)

Because of his love for this food, Mgdalenaf was able to reach almost 4 million subscribers. How not, the owner of the jargon “Bar-Bar Kuy” often shares food information ranging from the most expensive restaurants to ordinary street vendors.

Thanks to consistently being content creator food, he also started to open regularly endorse from a number of brands and other food outlets. To date, followers Instagramnya reached 2.3 million you know!

In addition to being successfully crowned as content creator favorite food, Mgdalenaf also has a business that is still related to his hobby, namely the food business. He has several businesses which he named “Former” or Macaroni Satan and “Nyambel” as the Pioneer of 1 Liter Sambal in Indonesia.

However, in the midst of his success, he has also reported cases of fraud by his assistant for embezzlement of money, theft, and forgery of letters. This incident occurred last September which caused Mgdalenaf to lose Rp2.4 billion.

The loss he experienced did not make him give up on sharing his works on Youtube, especially about food. Mgdalenaf also continues to be consistent to work on Instagram with his trademark.

Before becoming a famous food vlogger, Mgdalenaf turned out to have studied criminology

That’s a review of the Famous Food Vlogger Mgdalenaf. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

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