Before the Session, Check Out 8 Things That Must Be Displayed in a Thesis Session Presentation – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who will bring tips about the thesis, which are 8 things that must be displayed in the thesis trial presentation. Yup, before facing various questions from the examiner, you must prepare yourself to make a presentation about your thesis.

What do you think should be shown in the PPT slide for the thesis trial? Come on, let’s see the review!

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Slide 1

Sample Power Point Research Results
Example of slide 1 PPT thesis trial (Photo: SlideShare)

The first slide that you have to include is a description of what and who you want to introduce, such as the title of the thesis, the name of the student, the name of the supervisor, and the identity of the campus.

At the beginning of the presentation, this is very important, so that the examiners clearly know the title of your thesis, who they are testing, and which lecturer has guided you in working on your thesis.

Slide 2

Illustration of thesis background in PPT (Photo: Blogger Thesis Fighter)

On the second slide, include the background concept of your thesis, starting from field conditions and data, supporting data or sources that support the field conditions where you are researching, to problems related to Sobat Zona’s research variables.

This arrangement depends on what you are researching, because the format for writing the background of each department is different. So, adjust it according to your respective majors!

Slide 3

Illustration of problem formulation (Photo: YouTube)

Include the problem statement on the third slide. Write down the problem formulation point by point in your thesis so that the examiner can more easily understand what you are describing.

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Slide 4

View of literature review (Photo: SlidePlayer)

On slide 4, Zone Friends can explain the literature review. But, don’t include all of you. Enough concept maps and important points about the variables that you study in the thesis.

Slide 5

FREE]PowerPoint Presentation Template - Alvian Thesis Proposal Seminar - Alvian Indonesia
Research method in PPT trial (Photo: Alvian Indonesia)

Slide 5 is the time to list the research methods, population and sample, data collection, and data analysis. You will explain what methods were used to process the data, how many samples were involved in the research, and the data analysis you used.

Slide 6

CHAPTER IV Research Results and Discussion - ppt download
Example slideshow 6 (Photo: SlidePlayer)

You can include the discussion and thesis results on this 6th slide. Adjust what you have got with literature and theory studies. Explain in full on this slide.

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Slide 7

Drawing Conclusions and Suggestions in Qualitative Research - ppt download
Example of the arrangement of conclusions and suggestions (Photo: SlidePlayer)

After presenting the results, describe some conclusions and suggestions, both for research development and for further researchers.

Slide 8

49 Thank You For Ppt Moves |
Acknowledgments at the end of the presentation (Photo:

It is very important to give appreciation with a long explanation and to appreciate the audience who is loyal to listen and pay attention to the end. Just say it briefly, and include the question “are there any questions, suggestions, and input?” to open a question and answer session with the examiner lecturer.

Before the Session, Check Out 8 Things That Must Be Shown in the Thesis Session Presentation

Alright, Zone Buddy! A few tips from Mimin for Zone Friends who are preparing to face a thesis trial, namely 8 things that must be on the thesis presentation slide. Hopefully useful for all of you!

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website notifications for other interesting information about lectures and students. See you later!

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