Behind the Armistice, Indonesian Students in Russia Reveal Current Conditions – Student Zone – Some time ago, the world was shocked by the news that Russia was intensifying military operations in Ukraine. As a result of the invasion, the situation in Ukraine became so tense that it received full attention from the public.

Apart from these world problems, of course there are Indonesian people living in these two countries, including students. Then what about the condition of students who devote themselves to studying in Russia behind the ceasefire that occurred.

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Conditions of Indonesian Students in Russia

Illustration of Indonesian students studying in Russia (Photo: Russia Beyond)

Launching iNews, one of the students from Indonesia who studied in Russia revealed the current condition and situation. A student majoring in Philosophy at one of the Russian universities named Dedy Ibmar.

Previously, Dedy was an alumni of UIN Jakarta who explained about the conditions during the ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. He said that the situation in the country was running normally.

Furthermore, the community even carried out their activities as before before the war occurred. Dedy also confirmed that he was still studying as usual.

“Everything is normal here. People are operating as usual. I myself am still in college as usual,” said Dedy (28/02).

Apart from that, the student who received a scholarship from the Russian government admitted that he was worried about the invasion that had occurred between the two countries. However, it turned out to be the opposite, Dedy explained that so far there has been no warning from the local government.

“There was no warning whatsoever from the government. Everything is really like nothing happened,” he explained.

Dedy said he lived in the city of Ekaterinburg which was far from the ceasefire location. Meanwhile, he had contacted his friend who was at the border between the two countries and revealed that the current situation was still in a stable condition.

“Maybe because my city is quite far from the Russian-Ukrainian border, but my friend who is in Rostov border area also said everything is normal as usual,” he added.

Earlier on Thursday (24/02), Russia carried out a military invasion and attacked several cities in Ukraine. As a result of the attack, there was a loud explosion that managed to scorch Ukrainian military installations.

In this case, local officials revealed that the country wants to seize the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv and overthrow its system of government. In fact, his military forces seized the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the northern part of Kyiv City.

Behind the Armistice, Indonesian Students in Russia Reveal the Latest Conditions

That’s information about Indonesian students in Russia revealing the current situation and conditions in the country.

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