Benefits of landscape photography

For some people, taking pictures landscape of course very fun. But for some, it can be very difficult and frustrating. But what is the real benefit of taking landscape photos? WellLet’s see !

1. Be healthy

Photographing landscapes is another word for getting up early. After we wake up in the morning, we immediately go to exercise. Well, why do sports? Yes, we are chasing the sun (cailah..).

If you don’t hurry, you’ll be late and the photos won’t be good anymore. Right, we will automatically run to the spot we want to take a photo of. But don’t ride a motorbike, yes, it’s the same thing. Try walking or riding a bicycle.

Waking up in the morning alone is already a healthy start.

Mountain climbing is one of the favorite sports of landscapers. Location : Mount Semeru, East Java

2. More grateful

By looking at the beauty created by Him, it feels very inappropriate for us not to be grateful. Whenever you are given the opportunity to capture a beautiful landscape, always remember to be grateful.

Thank God. Because God created everything, including light. “O Lord, allow us to enjoy and perpetuate your light on this earth, make us grateful people…”

Sunset Muara Cipanarikan, Edge Tile, Sukabumi

3. More appreciative of nature

Photographing landscapes, at least we have tried a little to protect nature from damage. I’m sure most people who like landscape photography are people who love nature.

Hopefully people think twice about destroying this nature after seeing our beautiful photos, not the other way around.

Bring your own trash if you are anywhere, and throw it where it should be.

Put something in its place.

Edelweiss flower on Mount Rinjani, NTB

4. More respect for time

You must already know that the best light in a landscape only lasts for a few moments. Yes, only 5 minutes, or even less.

We don’t know what happened to nature. We can only predict, then make the most of the time.

Such is life.

Tanjung Layar Beach, Banten.

5. Raise the mood

Are you bored in front of the computer? Dizzy ngoding not okay? Or the final task is stuck? Try going out once in the morning and watching the sunrise, you can take a picture or just enjoy it.

If my friend, Mira said, “trust me, the atmosphere in the morning can lift your mood”.

Interested in taking landscapes? Try the first and second landscape photography tips. Don’t forget to keep practicing!

The morning glows with gold at Ranu Kumbolo, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

And much more! Have another opinion? 🙂

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