Best Build Aamon Mobile Legends

On this occasion, Dafunda Game will share information related to Build Aamon Mobile Legends which is currently being discussed among ML gamers. As we know it, Moonton indeed routinely presents a new hero every month. It aims to make the game more varied and change the existing meta.

As a assassins, Aammon can cause damage very sick with the ability to disappear. Based on the existing story, Aamon is Gusion’s older brother, if we look at the appearance, we can see the similarities between these two heroes.

Well, for those of you who later want to be the global top of this hero. Dafunda Game has prepared the best Aamon Mobile Legends build. Without further ado, here’s a summary for you.

Aamon Mobile Legends Skills

Before sharing the build of this hero, it’s a good idea to first identify every skill found in Aamon. Hero Mobile Legends this one has deadly skills such as Invisible Armor, Soul Blade, Slayer Blades, and also Endless Blades.


master this new hero, of course, you must know and learn every skill contained in this hero. Here are the Aamon skills that you must master:

  • Invisible Armor (Passive Skill)– Aamon will produce a malefic blade that will absorb and convert the opponent’s magic damage into Demonic Blade.
  • Soul Blade (Skill 1)– Aamon will throw 5 Malefic Blades and will deal damage and then leave a mark on the opponent.
  • Slayer Blades (Skill 2)– Aamon will throw the sword at the opponent and the sword will immediately return when it hits the opponent. When the sword returns, Aamon will get additional move speed and invisibility.
  • Endless Blades (Ultimate)– This skill will convert all stored Aamon energy into Malefic Blade and will automatically attack the opponent. The number of Malefic Blades will increase with the number of Demonic Blade Aamon.

Best Build Aamon Mobile Legends

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Build Aamon Mobile Legends | Moonton

Here are the best build recommendations when you use the Aamon Mobile Legends hero:

  • Magic Shoes– As a hero Assassin who rely on skill-her to attack. Using this item aims to increase the status Cooldown Reduction addition.
  • Calamity Reaper– Using this item will make Basic Attack Aamon damage addition after he used skills.
  • Shadow Twinblades– Using this item will make Aamon get a very profitable attribute. This item will give Aamon an additional 50% Magic Power, and cause a slow effect of 60%.
  • Holy Crystal– This item will increase 100 Magic Power, as well as an additional up to 35% Magic Power from Aamon’s passive.
  • Divine Glaive– This item will increase Magic Penetration by 40% and can deal additional damage that scales with the opponent’s Magic Defense.
  • Winter Truncheon– This last item is very useful for Aamon because it can give survivability from Ammon. With 400 HP, 25 Physical Defense, and 60 Magic Power, and has skills active which makes Aamon freeze for 2 seconds.

Aamon’s Emblem Mobile Legends

For the use of emblems, you are required to use a special Mage emblem set because it increases Magic Penetration, Magic Power, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Vamp, and Movement Speed. The following is the Mage emblem talent upgrade for Aamon:

  • Tier 1: Agility– This talent is used to increase Movement Speed ​​by 2% per level. That way, Aamon will be able to roam quickly and easily since the early game.
  • Talent Tier 2: Observation– Using this talent, Aamon will get an additional Magic Penetration attribute of 2 points for each level.
  • Talent Tier 3: Mystery Shop– Using this talent will make it easier for Aamon to buy items at 90% of their original price.

Spell Aamon Mobile Legends

For the use of spells, there are two spells that you can use for Aamon, namely Retribution or Execute. Retribution

If you want to be a jungler, this spell is perfect for you to use because it will make it easier for you when farming plus jungle items.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to play Aamon as a jungler, you can also use Execute As a replacement. You can use Execute to kill opponents with dying HP.

The advantages of Aamon Mobile Legends

  • Skills Unique and Powerful Passive
  • Damage very sick
  • Strong moment Late Game
  • Exciting New Gameplay
  • Can be Carry in Team

Lack of Aamon Mobile Legends

  • Has a complicated mechanism
  • Weak in the early game
  • Weak against Heroes who have Crowd Control
  • Hero with difficult Combo

What do you think about the recommendations Best Build Aamon Mobile Legends what do we provide? If there are other recommendations, please write your opinion in the comments column.

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