Between Plastic and Glass Milk Bottles, Which is the Best for Storing Expressed Breast Milk?

Jakarta – In contrast to the many choices for breast milk storage now, in the past, milk bottles made of glass were commonly used by the public. Because, that’s the only choice of products available for breastfeeding mothers who express their milk.

Over time, the use of glass bottles was less requested because they were prone to breakage and quite heavy. Then there are various breast milk storage products made from plastic as a solution to this problem, including bottles and plastic bags.

Unfortunately, from research conducted by experts, it was found that plastic milk bottles are considered less safe because they contain various chemicals that can have an impact on the health of the little one. For example, polycarbonate is capable of triggering the presence of cancer cells and disruption of brain function and reproductive system.

When you want to store breast milk, it is recommended not to use plastic milk bottles or regular plastic bags that are not BPA-free. Bisphenol-A or BPA is a synthetic chemical commonly used in various products and one of them is bottles or food containers for your little one.

Therefore, breast milk stored in plastic milk bottles can be contaminated and affect the quality of breast milk itself. Therefore, most experts consider the use of glass milk bottles to store breast milk as better than plastic milk bottles.

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The advantages of glass milk bottles over plastic

Not without reason, this is because glass milk bottles are free from harsh chemicals such as BPA which can contaminate breast milk. It is known, BPA is a material that is often used in the process of making plastic goods with the aim of strengthening plastic so that it is not prone to breaking.

‚ÄúPlastic food containers and packaging contain various chemicals and can trigger an estrogenic effect. BPA is one of the most potent additives. Parents should avoid polycarbonate plastic, which contains BPA, and be careful with all plastic food containers,” said Sonya Lunder, senior research analyst. baby center.

In addition, the advantage of glass bottles is that they do not cause odor when used repeatedly like plastic milk bottles. And of course glass bottles are also resistant to hot temperatures and do not melt easily like plastic milk bottles in general which are very susceptible to high temperatures.

Another advantage of glass milk bottles for mothers who give breast milk to their little ones is the size of glass milk bottles that are compatible with breast pumps, so they don’t require mothers to buy other bottles intended for breast pumps.

Then how to choose the best milk bottle for your little one.

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