Beware! Hosting Problems a Sign You Should Change Hosting

Are you sure you are comfortable with your current web hosting? But don’t let it happen because you’re already comfortable being blind if you’re actually being hurt #EAA. Even though it’s heavy, beware! a sign you have to change hosting, here!

1. Who can stand downtime? especially if the frequency has started often

Hosting Switch Sign

As someone who is already familiar with the term per-hosting, of course you are already familiar with the term downtime. Yep, downtime can be said when your website cannot be accessed at all for a certain time. The causes of downtime itself vary, such as server, network constraints, etc.

So, if you are an online business, downtime will definitely affect your sales turnover, right? Not only that, downtime will also make SEO rankings and traffic your website has been down for a long time.

2. When your website often experiences “Error establishing database connection” too

Hosting Switch Sign

This error message appears, because your website server is no longer able to accommodate your website data. This means that your website needs have exceeded the capacity of your current web hosting server. It could also be because you installed the wrong plugin on your website. The solution, you can first discuss with your hosting support team to upgrade to a service with more capacity. However, if this is no longer possible, say goodbye to your old web hosting provider.

id="3-hmm-internal-server-error-kok-sering">3. Hmm… How come the Internal Server Error is frequent?

Hosting Switch Sign

Still the same as the problem above, this error message also has several causes. Such as htaccess file errors, access permission errors, or excessive resource usage. Worse yet, this can happen, because the process required by your web hosting server takes too long, causing a timeout.


if it’s like that, it’s better to be ready to look at the new hosting provider!

id="4-gaada-angin-gaada-ujan-website-kamu-suka-mendadak-suspend-gabisa-dibiarin">4. No wind, no rain, your website is suddenly suspended, you can’t let it go!

your website is suspended

A good web hosting provider must have an SLA / TOS, which includes the rules for using the service. Where, they can suspend if your website violates the rules for using the service or is late in paying for an extension. As a good hosting provider, of course we will also give advance notice before suspending the customer’s website via email / sms. However, if you never received a notification beforehand, and suddenly found your website was suspended, it would be annoying, wouldn’t it?

5. The CS service is bad, this is what makes me angry

Hosting Switch Sign


of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider, one of which is customer service. In this world, nothing is perfect, including the state of the server / network of a web hosting. However, when there are problems but your old customer service provider is not a solution or can’t be contacted, it’s better to change hosting!

Therefore, don’t be easily trapped by the seduction of cheap prices, but the service makes you shake your head. Customer service that is online 24 hours in 7 days is obligatory to enter the search list for your dream web hosting provider. So that, if there are problems or questions at any time, even in the middle of the night, your website can still be online continuously…

6. Your hosting provider is no longer able to accommodate the needs of your already large website

hosting over capacity

This also often happens among online businesses whose business is at the peak of success. The more visitors your website has, the more resources it requires. If this is not met, it will affect the performance of the website on one server to be slow. Therefore, ordinary shared hosting is not enough if visitors

your website has soared. You can upgrade to a VPS service that has more resources than dedicated hosting, or Dedicated Hosting if you don’t want to bother with it.manage your server.

7. If your slow website asks for forgiveness, it’s better to change hosting quickly!

Hosting Switch Sign

Access speed of a website is also an important part that should not be forgotten. Websites that have fast access will be more convenient for visitors to access. Slow access to a website can be affected by the size of your website files or website resources. It can’t be denied that a slow website can also be affected by too many users on one server. In this case, a solution from a hosting provider is needed. Will it be able to data by upgrading the service or using additional facilities such as the Web Accelerator. If your web hosting provider, can’t fulfill both, it’s time to move hosting and prepare yourself and your website to move to a better web hosting provider.

Those were 7 signs – signs you have to change hosting, pay attention. Have you experienced one or more of them? Better prepare your pockets to start looking for a web hosting provider with the best service and affordable prices, right now!

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