Beware of New Omicron Bun Symptoms, Conjunctivitis or Red Eyes


Mother, recently an unusual symptom appeared in patients who were positively infected with the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Having previously mentioned some typical Omicron symptoms such as cough, flu, and sore throat, some people also experience conjunctivitis or red eyes, Mother.

A general practitioner, Dr. Nina Aslam, revealed that Omicron’s symptoms in the form of conjunctivitis or red eyes are inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is a thin membrane that lines the inside of a person’s eyelids.

This symptom has previously occurred in a female COVID-19 patient with mild respiratory symptoms but suffering from severe conjunctivitis.

Dr Aslam explains how this Omicron symptom occurs in the eye. “The cell receptors that the Covid variant uses to enter the body are in the eyes,” said Dr Aslam, quoted from Daily RecordsTuesday (8/2/2022).

In another study, he added, this Omicron variant may have a greater impact on the eye than other Corona variants. Even these symptoms can appear in people who do not show any general symptoms.

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For this reason, Dr Aslam suggested that we take extra protection of our eyes during this COVID-19 pandemic. The trick is to keep the eyes clean and treat red eyes or infections quickly.

“Clean all the dirt from each eye using a separate clean cotton swab dipped in cooled boiled water,” he explained.

If the symptoms of conjunctivitis that occur are quite mild, it can be treated using eye drops or certain eye ointments. READ MORE HERE.

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