Blogger has removed the old look

buddy Bloggertoday is the exact date September 20, 2012I found the appearance of the new blogger and can’t be changed anymore be the old look. I was surprised, because I am still comfortable with the old look of the blogger editor. I was also looking for information, YES GOOGLE BLOGGER HAS CHANGED AN OLD DISPLAY WITH A NEW INTERFACE PERMANENTLY.

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As a user I am aware, the change is for the common good, because after I learned this new look is better than the previous one.

The facilities are even more improved … thanks for google and blogger! I Know New Interface it’s good on September 20, 2012.

Ok, this time, you don’t have to go into detail… I will introduce the new look of Google.

1. Dashboard

  • a. Ease of posting articles just by pressing the orange button with a pencil image. You are immediately taken to the post editor.

  • b. You can see a neatly arranged menu by pressing the down arrow button next to the draft entry button. You will find many menus that the old blogger display used to have.

  • c. Ease of going to the list of entries, just by pressing the “Open Draft Entry” button or the one with the document logo, next to the orange button.

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2. Overview

Here you will see the latest activity from your Blog. You can see the illustration image.

3. New Post

New post

The appearance of the Blog Entry Editor is even more complete and simple. All function keys are above the text editor. There is a Publish button to publish the entry, Save to save, Preview to review before publishing. And close to end editing. Beside it there is also a Post Setting function.

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4. New Page

You can add a new page on your blog, you can click New Page and select Blank Page for a blank page that is ready to be edited, or Web Address to redirect to another web address.

5. Earnings



can manage your income in blogging like google adsense in this area. by following the instructor from google blogger.

6. Customizing Your Template


In this area you can adjust the appearance of the template by selecting Customize, which is setting the template without coding provided by the Blogger/WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”) template designer, or editing HTML, namely editing the template by using coding.

7. Permissions and Privacy

Permissions and Privacy

This is the area to set Permission and Privacy your.

Ok, just go to the New Blogger View to use its convenience.

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