BNK48 Will Get Original Single, JKT48 Bears Shame

BNK48 Will Get Original Single, JKT48 Bears Shame
BNK48 Will Get Original Single

BNK48 fans should be proud because their favorite idol group, which was just inaugurated last February, will certainly release an original single.

However, for details regarding the number of singles for the original BNK48 song that will be released, there is no further information.

And definitely not for the debut single. Because their first song which will be released in June according to rumors is Oogoe Diamond.

Thai Online News reports that BNK48 is one step ahead of JKT48, which has been in place for six years. Even other media in the same country said BNK48’s original single would be released later this year.

It’s only natural that their pride radiates to BNK48. After just getting AKB48 transfer member Izuta Rina with kaigai (permanent) status, they already got a breath of fresh air about the original single.


compared to JKT48, BNK48 has been invited more often to AKB48 events since the first generation members were inaugurated.

Even in the future, BNK48 will have variety shows like AKBINGO! which will also star several members of the AKB48 Group from NMB48, AKB, and HKT48.

This is in contrast to JKT48, who is increasingly being shunned by his Japanese colleagues, six years in vain without satisfactory results.

Well deserved, BNK!!