Bohemian Style Home Decoration

Bohemian Style Home Decoration

Bohemian Style Home Decoration – Having a comfortable home with a good design is everyone’s dream. The house is designed in such a way to look attractive. Well, talking about home design, there are many choices of home design concepts that can be used as inspiration. Ranging from minimalist style, modern to Bohemian.

The word Bohemian itself has actually been known for a long time. Originally Bohemian itself depicted people whose lives were free to wander in the mid-1800s. Then the term is synonymous with gypsies. Gypsy is the term used to describe people who left Bohemia to break free from the rigid rules.

Well, over time Bohemian in interior design began to be widely used. This design has a quirky and distinctive style. There are several characteristics of the Bohemian design, namely not presenting the impression of luxury, using a combination of colliding colors, using fabric materials, using natural lighting, presenting plants and unique accessories as decorations and so on. Well, here’s a Bohemian-style home decor that you can check out.

Bohemian Style Home Decoration

If you want to present a Bohemian-style house, you can present some decorations like the following at home.

Bohemian Color Palette

Bohemian Style Home Decoration

The first step you have to do if you want to present a bohemian style home design is to determine the right color palette. Uniquely, the Bohemian interior design style is that you can choose any color for the main color.

However, you are more advised to choose neutral colors for the basic color of the room. That way, adding motifs, decorations, accessories and contrasting colors to the room will be easier. There are several neutral color choices including white, beige, gray and so on.

Present Textile Materials

Bohemian Style Home Decoration

From the Bohemian interior design style, textile materials are a very important element. This decoration item can be easily applied to various corners of the house such as sofas, walls or it could be on pillowcases.

You have to consider the selection of colors, patterns and textures. Make sure the fabric you use looks contrasting, it doesn’t have to be in harmony. The fabrics that are applied to the Bohemian interior design itself are usually brightly colored and patterned. In addition, piles of several fabrics with various textures are usually seen throughout the room in a bohemian interior design.

Vintage Furniture

Bohemian Style Home Decoration

The use of vintage furniture is one of the hallmarks of Bohemian interior design. Old furniture that has not been used for a long time is often present to decorate bohemian interior designs. You can combine several pieces of furniture from different periods in one room.

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